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Expert Blogs

A view on Financial Markets and wish for 2024: less conflict, a focus on fundamentals

2nd January 24 By: David Harbage

A significant weakening in inflation and economic activity over the past three months has prompted market commentators to believe that the peak in interest rates has been seen and that, by...

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ACF Equity Research says Chinese control of Rare Earths production is a ‘global strategic concern’

19th December 23 By: ACF Equity Research

Christopher Nicholson and Renas Sidahmed, MD and Head of ESG at ACF Equity Research respectively, presented the key findings of their recently published research on the Rare Earths sector,...

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Financial Markets look beyond media headlines

15th November 23 By: David Harbage

Two months ago, we wrote “Growth has stalled, and posed the question “but is that bad for markets?” Since then we have witnessed terrible atrocities in Israel and loss of life in Gaza which...

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A view on Financial Markets – Growth has stalled, but is that bad for markets?

15th September 23 By: David Harbage

Most financial commentators would agree that growth in the economies of many of the world’s major developed countries has stalled as inflation has proven to be more persistent, which in turn has...

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A view on Financial Markets – it’s a Barometer, not a Thermometer

17th July 23 By: David Harbage

Looking at the first half of 2023, it was a period in which economic data disappointed and fell short of consensus market forecasts. In particular, domestic inflation and UK interest rates...

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Scrutinising investment trusts – The Value Portfolio

23rd May 23 By: David Harbage

Following recent articles highlighting the attraction of investment trusts which appear undervalued, by reference to the worth of their underlying assets, in response to readers’ requests, this...

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Scrutinising investment trusts - The search for value continues, via Commercial Property

24th April 23 By: David Harbage

This blog is the final one in a series of four, searching for Value amongst close-ended investment trusts. It follows on from previous reviews of UK equity selections  Henderson...

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Scrutinising investment trusts - The search for value continues, via Private Equity

20th April 23 By: David Harbage

This blog is the third in a series of four which is searching for Value amongst close-ended investment trusts, following on from the previous reviews of Henderson Opportunities ( HOT ) , ...

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Value Investment trusts – A 'look under the bonnet'

11th April 23 By: David Harbage

Following on from the previous blogs which reviewed two of Janus Henderson’s UK equity multi-cap investing trusts Henderson Opportunities ( HOT ) and Lowland ( LWI ) , this...

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Markets are Volatile but don't let it be Emotional

27th March 23 By: David Harbage

For the first couple of months on 2023, financial markets have been focused on the pace and magnitude of inflation, together with the extent to which central banks would raise interest rates...

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Member Blogs

Raising Money for Prost8 - Support Prostate Cancer Treatment

24th March 23 By: Phil Thomas

Hi LSE readers! I don't often post directly on the website and usually keep a low profile, focussing on website improvements and making sure the chat boards are behaving themselves!  I...

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News for Snoozers 6 May 2022

6th May 22 By: Moosh

A couple of companies to add to your watchlist for research for casual investors. Companies featured here are for medium to long-term purposes. Goldplat, (LSE:GDP) GDP has recently...

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News for Snoozers 4 May 2022

4th May 22 By: Moosh

I thought I would reinstate my News for Snoozers series that I used to do a few years ago. It will just be a brief collection of recent newsflow which you can use as a springboard for...

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Volume Buying - ITM The Backtest

21st February 22 By: Moosh

ITM Power ( ITM ) has had a phenomenal rise in market value over the last few years which was initiated by a breakout around the start of May 2019. What can other companies learn from this...

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Volume Buying Thor Mining Part 2

11th February 22 By: Moosh

After creating the simple volume buying method I was excited to test it out. This simpler method, for companies with daily volumes tending to be under 5m, actually uses less capital than the...

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Volume Buying Asiamet Resources

28th January 22 By: Moosh

Here are two sets of volume buy trades I made in Asiamet Resources ( ARS ). Following the August 2021 breakout, I took the opportunity to logically react to ARS newsflow since then. The volume...

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A Simple Volume Buying Method

21st January 22 By: Moosh

I imagined myself as a reader of these recent blogs and wondered how I would go about creating a simple volume buying method. I quickly came up with the following strategy: For daily...

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Volume Buying and Money Management

18th January 22 By: Moosh

From experience, the majority of standard unscaled volume buys for AIM companies required up to £600 before turning a profit, but as a safety net I allocate a maximum of £1,000. If...

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Volume Buying Metal Tiger

17th January 22 By: Moosh

  Here are two sets of volume buy trades I made in Metal Tiger (MTR) . Both use the June 2021 price peak as a starting point for cumulative volume buy calculation. The first trade was...

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Volume Buying Deepverge

13th January 22 By: Moosh

Aside from my core holding of Deepverge (DVRG) , I wanted to try a scaled up test trade. Following the news driven breakout in October 2021, I chose my starting point for volume calculation...

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