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Regulatory News

Friday, 14 August 2020

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6:32 pmRNSJDWHolding(s) in Company
6:15 pmRNSTPTHolding(s) in Company
6:06 pmRNSVNHShare Buy Back and Cancellation
6:02 pmRNSRMGHolding(s) in Company
6:00 pmRNSAEFSNet Asset Value(s)
6:00 pmRNSNBLSNet Asset Value(s)
6:00 pmRNSNBDDNet Asset Value(s)
6:00 pmRNSPREMTotal Voting Rights
6:00 pm
5:57 pmRNSCBNDNet Asset Value(s)
5:55 pmRNSRMGHolding(s) in Company
5:46 pmRNSGLOTransaction in Own Shares
5:46 pmRNSHSPNotification of Major Holdings
5:39 pmRNSBOWLCentre reopening update
5:32 pmPRNEPGTotal Voting Rights
5:28 pmRNSHRITransaction in Own Shares
5:26 pmRNSTETDirector/PDMR Shareholding
5:23 pmRNSSGEDirector/PDMR Shareholding
5:23 pmRNSCNICCompletion of Capital Reduction
5:23 pmPRNEPGTransaction in Own Shares
5:19 pmRNSWTANTransaction in Own Shares
5:18 pmRNSHWSLNet Asset Value Update
5:14 pmRNSRURReduction of Capital Further Update
5:12 pmRNSBGLFTransaction in Own Shares
5:12 pmRNSFCITTransaction in Own Shares
5:12 pmPRNFJVTransaction in Own Shares
5:11 pmRNSANWTransaction in Own Shares
5:10 pmRNSABDTransaction in Own Shares
5:08 pmRNSEGLIssue of Equity
5:06 pmPRNWWHIssue of Equity
5:06 pmPRNKITTransaction in Own Shares
5:03 pmRNSGSSAvailability of Monthly Factsheet
5:00 pmGNWAAVCTransaction in Own Shares and Total Voting Rights and Capital
5:00 pmRNSARWHolding(s) in Company
5:00 pm
4:53 pmPRNCGTIssue of Equity
4:49 pmRNSDDDDHolding(s) in Company
4:46 pmRNSAV.Holding(s) in Company
4:45 pmRNSMWYIssue of Equity
4:41 pmRNSJANSecond tranche of shares received from ValOre
4:41 pmRNSVP.Second Price Monitoring Extn
4:41 pmRNSKKVLSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:41 pmRNSTSLSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:41 pmRNSEVGSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:41 pmRNSDRIPSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:40 pmRNSCOPLSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:40 pmRNSCLIGSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:40 pmRNSSCPTransaction in Own Shares
4:40 pmRNSNSFSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:40 pmRNSBIDSSecond Price Monitoring Extn
4:38 pmRNSPNLIssue of Equity

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