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About this Website

This website was designed and built by Revive Digital, a digital marketing agency based in the South East of England.

Revive specialise in website design, brand and graphic design, digital marketing and software development. This website has been designed to be fully mobile responsive - meaning it will work well on mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices. Each element of the website design has been put together to give you, the end user, the best experience - regardless of how you choose to use the website.

As with any large platform, there will be room for improvement. If you have ideas for tools that you would like to see, or feel that elements of the website could work better, please get in touch at info@lse.co.uk.

This website has been designed to run in the cloud - and has been distributed over multiple web servers and application servers – load balanced, and protected from attack. This should allow the website to operate at a high performance, even at peak times when thousands of users are using the website simultaneously.

Revive Digital have worked on a number of financial websites, and designed and built multiple data platforms handling stock market data from multiple exchanges. If you are looking for an investor relations solution, business website, or marketing expertise, they can be found by searching 'Revive Digital'.

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