Orosur CEO Brad George looks forward to life as an AIM explorer with a major gold project secured. Watch the video here.

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Updates & New Features on London South East

November 2019

  • Crypto Currency Section - We've launched a Crypto Currency section, including prices, trades, charts, news and chat for all the major Crypto Currency pairs, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and many more. You can also compare the prices offered by different exchanges - and see the volumes being traded in real time.

September 2019

  • New Investment Trust Section - We've launched a new investment trust section of the website, showcasing trusts from market leading companies. The section contains news, articles, videos, white papers, fact sheets, and data to give you an in-depth understanding of the investment trusts available, and aid your investment decisions.

July 2019

  • Watchlist Sort Popup - A sort button has been added to the watchlists page, allowing you to customise the order of your watchlists.
  • New Stats Notification Bar - New notification bars have been added that appear on the Share Chat, Share RNS, Share News, Share Broker Ratings and Share Directors Deals pages, to let you know that there are new items you can view. Clicking the link in the bar with refresh your page and provide you with the latest data for your viewed shares.

May 2019

  • Customisable Watchlists - Watchlists can now be customised to your liking to display the data that you want to see! In addition, we've added a new full screen feature and a new "Night Mode" as well for ease of viewing.

January 2019

  • NEX Shares and Markets - The NEX Growth Market and NEX Trading Secondary Market have both been added to the site. There are hundreds of new shares, and a NEX homepage with risers, fallers and market constituents.

July 2018

  • Media Section - A brand new Media section has been added to the site, incorporating all of our Share Views videos and more.

February 2016

  • Updated Portfolio Charts - Larger, clearer and interactive charts have been added to your portfolio screen.
  • Trending Today - Based on the search on our site, we list what our users are search for today.

December 2015

  • Charts within News Articles - Small charts have been added to the bottom of each news article, showing the price movement of the related share(s)
  • Increased Quick Picks - You can now have up to 25 shares within your Quick Picks.
  • Streaming Professional News - Covers every London-listed company, including AIM stocks and investment trusts. Our markets coverage tells you which stocks are moving, which are about to move, and why.

November 2015

  • Load More Trades - The recent trades page has been updated, now you can load newer or older trades.
  • New Icons & Notifications - Our Icons have been updated, with a more modern look. Additional, the flashing red dot has been upgraded and now shows a number. You can now easily see how many news articles, chat posts, RNS articles, broker ratings and director deals there has been today.

October 2015

  • Risers & Fallers Filter - You can now filter the Riser and Fallers pages by Sector and / or index.
  • Big Trades - Our share price page now lists the largest 5 trades for the day.
  • Intraday Charts - Trade volume now included.
  • Week Ahead Page - Missed our week ahead email? You can view the most recent issue by visiting our Week Ahead page.

January 2015

  • View All Watchlists Page - Allow users with multiple watchlists to view them all within one page.

August 2014

  • New Logo - We've changed our logo... now with more emphasis on "London South East".
  • Updated Charts - Our new charts are interactive, live (For Share Prices within a Premium Services package) and more attactive to the eye

June 2014

  • Funds Center - We have lots of new data! To be precise, almost 11,000 funds worth. This data is in the arena of "Collectives" (aka pooled investments). Investment types include OEIC, Unit Trust, Investment Trust, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), and Venture Capital Trust (VCT). A great starting point is our "Funds Screener", where you can start whittling funds down to your specific, personal criteria.

September 2013

  • Watchlists - The new main feature of the updated Watchlist is the streaming. It now streams delayed prices (or live prices with the Live Prices Subscription) without the need to refresh the page. You can sort your Watchlist by any of the headers :- eg click 'Mid' and it will reorder to lowest to highest mid price. Select 'Company name' and it will return to alphabetical order etc. It also has a new RNS icon, enabling you to see straight from this page if one of the companies you are watching has a new Regula
  • Level 2 Updates - The Level 2 screen is now much easier to read and see what is happening at just a glance. New orders are highlighted in green for a few seconds, orders being removed are highlighted red, and if an order's volume changes it is highlighted orange. You will also notice different colour bands on the Order book. These highlight the top 5 price brackets for both the Bid and the Ask. The yellow bar now includes the number of Buy and Sell orders at the Bid and the Ask price respectively, allowing you to

August 2013

  • Spread Betting - Through London South East Markets - we are now offering a Spread-Betting, CFD, and FX service. Sign up and get access to 3,200 markets, including 120 currency pairs, over 3,000 equities, and 50+ indices. It provides great Trading Platforms and great customer service. This can be found under the 'Spreads / CFDs' tab.

May 2013

  • Week Ahead Newsletter - Sign up and receive our Week Ahead Newsletter. These are sent every Sunday advising of upcoming company announcements. These include Final Results, UK economic announcements, International Economic announcements and companies with AGM's. This can be found on the London South East homepage.

April 2013

  • Broker Ratings - Broker ratings are made by brokerage firms. It needs to be noted that these are not outright recommendations or tips to buy or sell a share, but is given as an indicator of how the broker thinks the company will perform. It also provides their old and new target prices. This can be viewed by the Broker ratings icon (up and down arrow) on a share page.
  • Icon Layout - We have changed the layout of the icons on a share page. You can click on the blue slide bar for more options.

March 2013

  • Decimal Points - We have increased the accuracy of our Share price data by changing it to 6 decimal places. Very helpful for those smaller penny shares!
  • Media - This allows you to see the latest media by clicking on the Media icon on any share page.

February 2013

  • Alerts - RNS alerts can be set up to notify you on-screen and/or via e-mail. This is currently in beta testing and is available with any Premium service. To get started, simply click on the 'Members' tab and then the red light icon.
  • Free RNS - We are now offering free RNS as part of your London South East membership.

October 2012

  • Share Chat Thread View - Threads allow you to chat about a specific subject within a share, without having to filter through all the messages to work out if someone is replying to you or not. It also allows you to reply to another member without having to use their username as the subject to grab their attention. Just reply directly to their message/thread and they know you're chatting regarding their subject

September 2012

  • Search Member - Instead of having to trawl through boards to find a particular post to view their posts, you can now simply click on the 'Members' tab on the top right, type in the username in the 'Member Search' box... Hey presto!

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