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Resident IFA

Resident IFA's resident Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) has 13 years experience in his profession. This includes gaining qualifications in the 'At Retirement' and 'Long-Term Care' advice areas. Other areas of expertise include Protection (Life, Critical Illness, and Income insurances), Mortgages, Pensions, and Investment planning. Let's hope inspiration strikes more than occasionally and that the Personal Finance Blog will be of use, entertainment, and value to's Members and Visitors! No advice will be provided via this Blog, but questions are always welcomed using the Comments Box below each entry.

Most Recent Posts

Referendum Reaction

24th June 16 By: Resident IFA

It happened.  It really happened. Out of the EU after 43 years.  Cameron out.  Stockmarkets lurching…well, tanking. I voted to Remain.  I could have easily voted to...

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Budget 2014

31st March 14 By: Resident IFA

Our latest 'Quick Poll' posed the question "How do you feel about the Budget?" You answered: Positive 61% Negative 16% Indifferent 23% It seems that George Osborne hit the-...

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Risk & Reward: Shares

11th October 12 By: Resident IFA

Most of us have come across Shares at one time or another. For example, if you have a Personal Pension, it is likely to be invested in Funds that hold Shares (and other assets). Shares are...

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Disclosure (Cheap as chips Pt.2)

17th November 11 By: Resident IFA

The case I mentioned in 'Cheap as chips!' two days ago has already been accepted. Now, this in itself is not earth-shattering. The wonders of modern technology facilitate underwriting decisions...

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Cheap as chips!

15th November 11 By: Resident IFA

Life Insurance…money for old rope? Good value? Statistically, a man in England has a 68.7% probability of survival until 75; whereas for a woman it is 78.8% (From an Office for National...

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Life expectancy & Pensions

10th November 11 By: Resident IFA

We are living longer. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) recently published 2010 statistics appertaining to life expectancy in the UK. These showed that the average man who is now 65...

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How boring!

18th October 11 By: Resident IFA

I am off to see a Client tomorrow morning, to review their Investments. They are certainly not awkward, but not particularly ‘engaged’ all the same. I say this as the last review we undertook...

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FTSE350 High Yield

13th October 11 By: Resident IFA

There has been a lot of conjecture recently around what better approaches to take during the recent market volatility. Now, I am not qualified to give individual share advice to my Clients in...

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Leaving it late

11th October 11 By: Resident IFA

An Accountant referred a 74-year old to me in February. After a deal of procrastination, they are now keen to arrange their Pension income…with 3 weeks until they reach 75. Why is this crucial? ...

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The FSA mellowing?

6th October 11 By: Resident IFA

I have written before on the subject of the Financial Services Authority ’s ‘ Treating Customers Fairly ’ (TCF) initiative. After my company’s TCF inspection last year, we were given a clean...

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