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Live Prices

  • Real-Time Updates - Live Prices provide you with real-time updates on stock prices, allowing investors to track changes in market prices as they occur.
  • Interactive Charts - Up to the minute charts allow you to visualize the movement of stock prices over different time frames, ranging from minutes to days or even years.
  • Streaming Data - Streaming data provides you with continuous updates on stock prices and related information in real-time.

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Our Live Prices packages come with a suite of customisable features tailored to your specific needs and preferences. From setting up personalized watchlists to receiving price alerts based on technical indicators or market events, Live Prices empower you to customize your trading experience to suit your investment goals and risk tolerance.

By signing up for Live Prices, you gain access to a wealth of additional features and tools designed to enhance your trading and investment experience. From interactive charts to streaming data and technical analysis tools, Live Prices provide a comprehensive suite of resources to help you make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of financial markets.

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Live Prices Features

Live prices provide investors with real-time updates on stock prices, offering instant access to the most current market data as it unfolds. By monitoring live prices, investors can track changes in stock prices, identify emerging trends, and make timely investment decisions. Whether you're a day trader looking to capitalize on short-term fluctuations or a long-term investor seeking to optimise your portfolio, live prices help you stay informed about market movements and react quickly to market developments. With customizable features such as personalized watchlists, price alerts, and technical analysis tools, live prices empower investors to tailor their trading strategies to their unique investment goals and risk tolerance, ultimately enhancing their ability to navigate the financial markets with confidence and precision.

Real-Time Data

Live prices provide you with real-time updates on stock prices, ensuring that they have access to the most current market data as it happens. This feature enables investors to stay informed about price movements, track market trends, and make timely investment decisions based on up-to-the-second information.

Interactive Charts

Interactive charts allow users to visualise and analyse historical and intraday price data for stocks. Our charts include various features such as zooming, panning, and technical indicators, enabling users to conduct in-depth technical analysis and identify patterns or trends in stock prices.

Streaming Data

Live data streaming enhances the investing experience by providing investors with timely, transparent, and actionable information. By leveraging real-time market data, investors can make better-informed decisions, execute trades more efficiently, and manage risk more effectively, ultimately improving their chances of success in the financial markets.

Live Portfolios and Watchlists

Our live prices work seamlessly with your watchlists and portfolios, allowing you to track the performance of your investment portfolios in real-time. This feature is beneficial for investors seeking to optimise their portfolios, evaluate investment performance, and achieve their financial goals

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As an avid investor, I rely heavily on timely market data to make my trades. I can't recommend the Live Prices package on enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are Live Prices updated?

Live Prices are typically updated in real-time upon trades or orders, providing you with instantaneous updates on stock prices as they occur. This ensures that investors have access to the most current market data, allowing them to make timely investment decisions based on the latest information available.

Can I access Live Prices on mobile devices?

Yes, our website offers a responsive layout, allowing you to access Live Prices on smartphones and tablets. On mobile devices we provide the same features and functionality as the desktop version, enabling users to monitor stock prices and manage their portfolios on the go.

Are Live Prices available for all stocks?

Live Prices is not available for all stocks, namely Euronext stocks and international shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. However, we offer Live Prices for a wide range of popular stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange and Aquis Stock Exchange, ensuring that you have access to real-time market data for the stocks you're interested in.

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