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Share Alerts

Share alerts offer investors a valuable tool for staying informed and proactive in the dynamic world of stock trading. Through real-time notifications, share alerts keep users updated on key developments, such as price movements, news releases, and significant events impacting their investment portfolio.

How can Alerts help me?

  • Share alerts can help you identify potential trading opportunities by alerting you to news, trends, or technical signals that may affect stock prices.
  • By setting alerts for specific stocks in your portfolio or watchlist, you can track their performance and receive notifications when important events occur.
  • Share alerts notify you of significant changes in stocks you're interested in, allowing you to react promptly to changes in market conditions.
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Share alerts can be customised based on individual preferences, allowing you to set up alerts for specific stocks or market events tailored to your investment goals and trading strategies.


Share alerts provide real-time notifications, ensuring that you receive immediate updates about significant developments in the stocks you're tracking, enabling timely decision-making and action.


Share alerts offer a convenient way for you to stay informed about market movements and news without constantly monitoring stock prices or news feeds manually, freeing up time and resources for other activities.


Share alerts serve as valuable research tools by alerting you to potential trading opportunities or risks, allowing you to conduct further analysis and make informed investment decisions based on up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are share alerts?

Share alerts are notifications that investors receive regarding specific stocks or market events, such as price movements, news updates, or technical indicators, delivered in real-time or at scheduled intervals.

How do share alerts work?

Share alerts typically work by allowing users to set up criteria or triggers for notifications, such as price thresholds, volume changes, or news articles. When these criteria are met, users receive alerts via email.

Are share alerts free to use?

The availability and cost of share alerts varies depending on your account and package. Free accounts are limited to the number of alerts recieved each day, whereas premium members have increased limits, with various packages available to increase that even further.

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