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Watchlists are an invaluable tool for investors seeking to stay informed and agile in today's dynamic financial markets. By compiling a personalised selection of stocks or assets, watchlists enable you to track market movements, monitor the performance of your favorite investments, and identify potential trading opportunities. With customisable features and real-time updates, watchlists empower investors to streamline their research process, make informed decisions, and optimise their investment strategies for success. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a novice investor, watchlists provide a convenient and effective way to stay ahead of market trends and manage your portfolio with confidence.

How can Watchlists help me?

  • Monitor your favorite stocks or assets, keeping them readily accessible for analysis and decision-making
  • By observing price movements and changes in key metrics, watchlists help you stay informed about the performance of your investments
  • Watchlists enable you to identify potential trading opportunities by highlighting stocks or assets that meet your criteria
  • Track assets with varying risk levels, helping you diversify your portfolio and manage risk effectively.
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Customisation Options

Our watchlists offer customisation options, allowing you to add, remove, and organize stocks or assets according to their preferences, or even display different data such as bid or ask prices. You can create multiple watchlists based on different criteria to track specific groups of stocks effectively.

Alerts and Notifications

Our watchlists offer alerts and notification functionality for major events at the click of a button. You can receive alerts via email when a stock reaches a certain price level or has a new news or RNS article, helping them stay informed about important market developments and trading opportunities.

Real Time Updates

Watchlists provide real-time data updates dependant on having a live prices package, ensuring you have access to the latest information on stock prices, volume, and other key metrics. This feature allows you to stay informed about market movements and make timely investment decisions based on up-to-date data.

Fullscreen Mode

The fullscreen feature of watchlists offers you a more immersive and focused viewing experience, maximizing the visibility of stock data and metrics. By expanding the watchlist to fullscreen mode, you can view a larger number of stocks or assets simultaneously, making it easier to monitor multiple investments at a glance.

Watchlists have revolutionised how I manage my investments. I track my favourite stocks and get live updates, ready to buy or sell at a moments notice. A must-have tool for any investor!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a watchlist?

A watchlist is a personalised list of stocks or assets that investors track to monitor their performance and keep an eye on potential investment opportunities.

How do I create a watchlist?

Creating a watchlist is as easy as clicking the "Add New Watchlist" button on the watchlists homepage. You can typically add stocks or assets of interest to their watchlist by searching for them and selecting the "Add to Watchlist" option.

Can I have multiple watchlists?

Yes, users are allowed to create multiple watchlists based on different criteria or investment strategies. This feature enables you to organize and track various groups of stocks or assets effectively.

Can I share my watchlist with others?

Currently we have no ability to share your watchlist to your profile, or to other people. However please keep your eyes peeled for new updates coming to London South East.

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