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Top 20 Cryptocurrencies by Rolling Value of Trades

Crypto Price Change
  Tether (USDT/USD)1.003950.070%
  Bitcoin (BTC/USD)7,145.405-0.841%
  Ethereum (ETH/USD)141.795-1.047%
  EOS (EOS/USD)2.56755-0.692%
  Litecoin (LTC/USD)43.265-0.825%
  Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD)204.865-0.957%
  Ripple (XRP/USD)0.21885-0.816%
  True USD (TUSD/USD)1.0007550.00%
  Ethereum Classic (ETC/USD)3.7435-0.518%
  TRON (TRX/USD)0.0147-1.342%
  Paxos Standard Token (PAX/USD)2.499750.006%
  Zcash (ZEC/USD)31.196-0.923%
  NEO (NEO/USD)8.4511-1.225%
  Qtum (QTUM/USD)1.71175-1.729%
  Dash (DASH/USD)48.975-1.332%
  Seele (SEELE/BTC)0.00002078705-0.490%
  Monero (XMR/USD)52.589-1.005%
  NEM (XEM/BTC)0.0000049051.238%
  Binance Coin (BNB/BTC)0.00203875-0.454%
  Ontology (ONT/USD)0.5935-0.811%
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