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Share Price: 77.30Bid: 77.29Ask: 77.30Change: 1.43 (+1.88%)Riser - Lloyds Grp.
Spread: 0.01Spread as %: 0.01%Open: 77.00High: 78.00Low: 77.00Yesterday’s Close: 75.87

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26 Aug '14
What an impressive rise from the three legged donkey.
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Closing SP Anyone Please
26 Aug '14
Barclays is down again. Thank you in advance
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26 Aug '14
80,s were very good years for the reds

2014 TYOTH
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26 Aug '14
Quite a bumpy ride today,but so far holding the line.......very wet today in the Lot,after a scorcher yesterday,but the vineyards around us need some solid sun now otherwise it will be a mediocre year.Cahors 2005 and 2009 are still the best years in the last 15 here,and I think that goes for most of France,certainly the reds
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26 Aug '14
banks doing well today, except this three-legged donkey, which is fiddling about going nowhere. Still, at least it's holding - better than heading down I suppose.
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26 Aug '14
I never try to influence anybody with their investment decisions but FYI I'm currently long lloyds, B of America, airbus, Lufthansa, and the Dow and I'm short twitter and facebook
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26 Aug '14
Re Co-op -
I think AHO & HMG played a blinder by agreeing that the Co-op would be the preferred buyer as that would inevitably lead to the TSB flotation and a royal kicking of the Labour supporting Co-op bank, and I think that AHO is emulating HMG's slow exit policy - ie retain as much of TSB as possible until markets improve,

Re HMG exit -
I think GO has been trying to play the market but he is learning that the market has a few games of its own, I also think the market has decided it wants more cheap shares before Joe Public gets the final slice and that is why the market 'isn't ready for a tell sid' exit just yet,

Re the markets -
Obviously some will want to hold down the SP and acquire shares as long as possible but I think thier plan has a very limited life as AHO & his team has delivered an awesome cash generating machine.

The question is -
Will GO bend over and appeases the market with more II deals or play the divi ace and take the game?

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26 Aug '14
Of course the company is talking to the Government and others about share sales, timing etc. It goes without saying. Anyone who has worked in Government Relations/Media Relations for a large company like Lloyds will know that these parts of an organisation are in close contact with Civil Servants and Government. No surprise there.
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26 Aug '14
Sorry guys, wrong board.............Although!
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The Lone Bear....
26 Aug '14
...was correct. I said that on 'news' day the share price would rise, albeit briefly, and many bulls would end up as a kebab on the spike.

Yet still, people said I was a shorter etc.

I also said that people would still 'pretend' to be loyal, and would blame all and sundry for the drop, yet not the company.

The expected I'm topping up, averaging down etc carries on, trying to, and no doubt succeeding in, roping in more hopefuls, giving them the feeling, that 'we are all in this together' others are 'adding' so it must be good.

Anyone negative on this board has been hounded off, and branded a shorter, or a troll.

Yet anyone who buys a share obviously wishes for it to rise, this, has done nothing but fall, with the obvious small rises in between to keep the suckers buying in, in the hope that the 'bottom' has been found.

Few would buy into a share which dropped in a straight line, as they would sit a wait for the bottom, so false spikes are given to keep buyers on the hook.

Certainly a bottom will be found, but it is far better to wait, and then wait some more, until the share starts to rise, not just for a couple of days but over a week long period or so to be sure.

You will miss some percentage gain, but you will not be loosing much of you cash as catching a falling knife.

It is sad to see that either very hopeful, optimistic or out and out deliberate rampers keep encouraging others to buy in, in subtle ways.

At least if you trust a de-ramper you won't make cash, but you wont loose it either.

Aim is full of companies that are 'under the radar' 'about to burst' 'at ridiculously low prices', yet for 99.9% of them, it is for a good reason, that sadly you and I are not yet privy to that information YET.

Do as you feel, but trust no-one on b.boards.

Problem is, when a person is 'unsure' they naturally listen to positive people by default, as a guide in their uncertainty. Now that may be fine in most crisis but, where large amounts of cash are concerned then, it must be remembered that there are many people who will use the uncertainty to 'their' not your advantage.

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