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Exchanges on London South East

London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange is based in the UK's capital and was initially founded and launched by Queen Elizabeth I in 1751, making it one of the oldest stock exchanges on the globe. More than 250 years later, and located in Patemoster Square in the heart the city, the London Stock Exchange remains as the most robust and well-established stock exchanges in the world.

The London Stock Exchange provides cost-effective access to the world's richest pool of capital. They are the home to a comprehensive range of companies and offer digital equities for those seeking trading opportunities. Today, the London Stock Exchange operates on its own Linux based software called 'Millennium Exchange'. They provide technological finance solutions, including trading and marketing surveillance to a myriad of exchanges and organisations including their own markets. There are two markets on which organisations trade on.

The Main Market is home to over a thousand organisations spanning across over 50 countries. The FTSE 100 is the main share index of the most highly capitalised companies in the UK listed on the Main Market. FTSE 100 is a short abbreviation for 'The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index' and informally known as 'The Footsie'. The index is maintained by the FTSE Group which is a subsidiary of The London Stock Exchange Group. And, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) which is the London Stock Exchange's international market for smaller organisations. Early stage and venture-backed organisations join the AIM to access growth capital and seeking to be publicly listed.


If you are a company that is looking to raise capital, expand your shareholder base or make further acquisitions, the NEX Exchange can help businesses achieve that vision. NEX Exchange was founded in 2001 and specialise in assisting SME growth companies to meet their financial goals. NEX is a short abbreviation for 'The New Securities Stock Exchange' and was one of the two principal stock exchanges in Montenegro with the other being The Montenegro Stock Exchange. In 2010, the stockholders of The NEX Exchange approved a merger with The Montenegro Stock Exchange which simplified trading in Montenegro. In the UK, the NEX Exchange is based in the business district of Broadgate in London.

Those working within SME growth companies can often lose their vision during the listing process while joining a market. During this process, the majority of a company's management time and is often shifted from the day to day running of their business to primarily focussing getting the business onto an exchange. Admission into the NEX Exchange is straightforward, and they fully support organisations that wish to move in a public market environment. They offer more than just a source of capital and act as a platform of growth for organisations.

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