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Defensive Buying - week ending 16 June 2017

Monday, 19th June 2017 12:57 - by Moosh

The number of shares in a defensive buy is dictated primarily by the asking price and the buy/sell commission that you pay – for simplification I will assume that the buy and sell commissions are the same value and will provide a maximum number of shares to buy for a single commission of £5.25, £7.50, £10.00, and £12.00.

If your commission is not shown here, then round up to the nearest commission level and use that as a potential maximum number of shares to buy, assuming you are happy with the fundamentals at the latest time and price given. I will be adding more companies to the Defensive Buy list when they are ready to appear on it and NOT before!


Defensive Buying - week ending 16 June 2017


A first and last defensive buy in SCS Group:

Bought: 300 shares SCS (1 tranche)

Total cost of purchase: £494.43

Return after selling cost: £507.75

Return on investment: 2.6%

Incubation time: 59 days


Total profit from defensive buys (rounded down to nearest pound):

£8 (GSK) +£7 (BT.A) +£50 (ARS) +£4 (OMI) +£81 (ARS) +£20 (OXP) +£6 (ARS) +£118 (PLUS) +£7(DLG) +£14 (MTR) +£24 (7DIG) +£30 (MTR) +£21 (CPI) +£15 (MTR) +£58 (PLUS) +£11 (PLUS) +£5 (CPI) +£18 (MTR) +£56 (EME) +£73 (EME) +£158 (EME) +£74 (EME) +£19 (EME) +£4 (UPL) +£9 (EME) +£19 (WSG) +£49 (WSG) +£13 (SCS) = £971



The Writer's views are their own, not a representation of London South East's. No advice is inferred or given. If you require financial advice, please seek an Independent Financial Adviser.


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jackwalters33 - Mon, 18th May 2020 11:51

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Thanks For Advice...Independent Financial Adviser

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