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The Midweek Watchlist: Wednesday 27th May 2015

Wednesday, 27th May 2015 10:44 - by Moosh

If you think companies would like to know when they are on the midweek watchlist then feel free to contact their investor relations or even the CEO if you have their contact details and tell them to keep an eye on it.


You never know, perhaps companies may start to release news and/or time future news/operations when their shares are off the radar (ie, on the watchlist) in order to get themselves on the radar again.......just me thinking out loud again. Hohum.


AEG (Active Energy Group)

AEO (Aeorema Communications)

AFR (Afren)

AGL (Angle)

AGY (Allergy Therapeutics)

ALBA (Alba Mineral Resources)

AMA (Amara Mining)

AZN (AstraZeneca)

BOO (Boohoo)

BOOM (Audioboom)

BT.A (BT Group)

BXP (Beximco Pharma)

CAZA (Caza Oil and Gas)

CCE (Camco Clean Energy)

COMS (Coms)

CPI (Capita)

CPX (Cap-XX)

CRX (Cyprotex)

DEMG (Deltex Medical)

DIS (Distil)

DOR (Doriemus)

EDG (Edge Resources)

EME (Empyrean Energy)

ENQ (Enquest)

GDL (Greka Drilling)

GDP (Goldplat)

GFM (Griffin Mining)

GKP (Gulf Keystone Petroleum)

GSK (GlaxoSmithkline)

HYD (Hydro International)

HZM (Horizonte Minerals)

IAE (Ithaca Energy)

IGAS (IGAS Energy)

KIBO (Kibo Mining)

KLG (Kalimantan Gold)

LLOY (Lloyds Banking Group)

MARL (Mariana Resources)


MSMN (Mosman Oil and Gas)

MWA (Mwana Africa)

MXO (MX Oil)

OEX (Oilex)

OXB (Oxford Biomedica)

OXS (Oxus Gold)

PLE (Plethora Solutions)

POG (Petropavlovsk)

PPG (Plutus Powergen)

REM (Rare Earth Minerals)

ROSE (Rose Petroleum)

RUR (Rurelec)

SAR (Sareum)

SCLP (Scancell Holdings)

SBRY (Sainsbury (J))

SHG (Shanta Gold)

SOLG (Solgold)

SOLO (Solo Oil)

SPH (Sinclair IS Pharma)

SSTY (Safestay)

TMZ (Toumaz)

TSCO (Tesco)

UJO (Union Jack Oil)

UKOG (UK Oil and Gas Investments)

WSG (Westminster Group)


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