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  Feature Monthly  
PremiumPremium Membership£5.99
Increased Trade DataIncreased Trade Data£2.99
Premium ScreenersPremium Screeners£2.99
Live Prices + TerminalLive Prices + Terminal£14.99
Level 2 Order BookLevel 2 Order Book£19.99
Professional NewsProfessional News£39.99
Share AlertsShare Alerts£4.99
Share Alerts Daily Boost 1Share Alerts Daily Boost 1£2.99
Share Alerts Daily Boost 2Share Alerts Daily Boost 2£5.99
Share Alerts Daily Boost 3Share Alerts Daily Boost 3£8.99
Premium£ 5.99
Total Ex VAT £ 54.91
VAT @ 20% £ 10.98
Total £ 65.89 per annum

I have just renewed my yearly subscription in order to see the Live Prices. What I have appreciated this time round is the absence of third-party adverts continually popping up and distracting me, both on my computer and mobile. Its great! Thank you. Worth every penny.
Steve Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our subscriptions, if you have any questions that have not been adressed below, please email: info@lse.co.uk
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Subscriptions will be renewed one month from the day of purchase, or if you choose an annual subscription, it will be renewed 12 months from the day of purchase. Please note, your Premium service will still be active until your renewal date and we do not do a pro rate refund for any unused period. If you wish to cancel, please email info@lse.co.uk
  • I am still seeing advertising on your site even though I have a Premium Subscription.
    Please ensure that you are logged into the website, otherwise you will see advertising as normal. Please note only third-party advertising is removed for Premium members and we reserve the right to run occasional London South East promotions to all users.
  • Do you offer subscriptions for shorter periods such as one day or week?
    All of our Premium packages are currently only available for one month, or annual.
  • What is Level 2?
    Level 2 is essentially the order book for London Stock Exchange stocks. When orders are placed, they are placed through many different market makers and other market participants. Level 2 will show you a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices from each of these participants, giving you detailed insight into the price action. Knowing exactly who has an interest in a stock can be extremely useful, especially if you are day trading.
  • Do you have an App?
    Our website is fully responsive and will adapt to whatever device is viewing it at the time. We currently don't have a standalone website app.
  • How can I update my payment details?
    You can update your payment details from the Members section, by clicking on Premium Services
  • Am I able to pause my subscription?
    Currently you cannot pause your subscription but if you email info@lse.co.uk you can cancel at any time before your renewal date. Please note, your Premium service will still be active until your renewal date and we do not do a pro rate refund for any unused period.
  • What is your Refund Policy?
    EU regulation states that customers have the right to cancel a purchase within 7 days, with the exception of services that start before this cooling-off period. Subscription to any of London South East Limited's 'Premium Services' provide immediate access to those services, so you are not entitled to a refund after the service has started. Hence, before paying, please ensure you are satisfied with the type of content offered by the subscription. Notwithstanding, refunds may be considered at the discretion of London South East Limited where a customer was unable to receive the service for technical or other reasons.
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