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Premium Features

RNS Alerts

Get alerted in real-time for regulatory news announcements (RNS) for shares of your choice - by individual share, and by category. Alerts arrive as an on-screen alert and by e-mail. Never miss an RNS again.

Increased Trade Data

Non registered users see the last 30 trades for a share. Registered users see the last 100 trades. Premium users see all the trades for the last 5 days. Spot the large trades of the day, see the patterns, follow the trends.

Premium Chat

Premium chat is a private area for premium users to talk about their shares of choice, away from the public eye. Questions and answers can be posted in a moderated environment where quality discussion counts.

Private Messaging

Send messages directly to your fellow investors through our premium private messaging facility. Organise your messages, and receive alerts when you have been messaged. Great for organising meetups, or private discussions.

Level 1 Live Share Prices

By license, the London Stock Exchange delays all share price data by 15 minutes – which is a long time in the investment world. Live Share Prices (level 1) lets you see the big changes of the day as they happen – not 15 minutes too late.

Streaming Trade Data

Do away with the page-refresh, and watch trades stream in as they happen. Streaming trades shows each trade – the trade price, bid, ask, the volume, estimated buy-or-sell, trade type and total value of the trade in real-time.

Live Share Risers and Fallers

Watch the big movers of the day – sometimes referred to as gainers and losers – risers and fallers shows which companies are most up or most down, and allows you to filter by index and sector to see what is moving the market.

myTerminal Data Console

The myTerminal data console allows you to set up specific screens of data including prices, professional news, charts, watchlists and streaming chat. The terminal allows you to arrange your screen as you choose by drag-and-drop.

Real-time online portfolio

All registered users can monitor their investment portfolios on lse.co.uk, but premium users can see their portfolio values update in real-time, including average buy price, current values, historical profit/loss and P/L for today.

Real-time live watchlist

The real-time watchlists allow you to create groups of shares you are interested or invested in, create notes, and see a summary of daily activity at one glance – include number of trades, chat posts, news, RNS, plus price data.

Level 2 Order Book

The Level 2 Order Book shows what the market makers are doing – what price they are prepared to buy or sell at. The order book also shows whether there are more buy orders or sell orders and can indicate the next price movement.

Professional News

The professional news service provides up-to-the-moment, market-sensitive news flashes and short articles and is ideal for investors who want to know what’s happening in the stock market right now.

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