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Zephyr Energy CEO Colin Harrington presenting at London South East's September Webinar

We were delighted to have Colin Harrington, CEO at Zephyr Energy (ZPHR) speak at our London South East September Investor Webinar 21.09.2021. Colin was terrific and gave a very detailed update and subsequent Q&A in which he gave us lots of detail about how they asses each near-term non-operated deal and indeed what deals they may potentially do in the future. Likewise he gave lots of detail about exploration and development work ongoing in the Paradox Basin, Utah.

As you may know, AIM-listed Zephyr Energy are an ESG-focused oil and gas business with operated assets in the Rocky Mountains, and they have also been buying distressed non-operated assets in the Willmington Basin in North Dakota. The plan is that revenue streams from the new assets should pay for exploration and future production in the Paradox Basin, Utah. The Zepyhr share price reflected the excitement with Zephyr the top performing share on AIM from January to June 2021. As of 21.09.2021 the market cap is around 71 million pounds.

Furthermore, we were delighted to welcome PrimaryBid who are sponsoring our Autumn webinars … PrimaryBid’s raison d’etre is to give individuals access to one-off public company fundraisings and IPO's on the same terms as institutional investors. The best way to hear about their offers is to register for their website at primarybid.com.

Zephyr Energy raise £10M to acquire new oil assets in Dakota, fund lateral well in Paradox Basin

Colin Harrington, Zephyr Energy CEO speaks at the London South East Investor Webinar

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