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Newsflash for the Snoozers - Part 1

Thursday, 2nd July 2015 08:51 - by Moosh

Beximco Pharma (TIDM: BXP) Now that BXP is in a weekly upcycle, it’s best to have a summary of the recent news:


-          Q1 2015 earnings per share up 23% 1


-          Q1 2015 cash flow per share up 90% 1



-          Net asset value for full year ending 31 December 2014 = 56.87 Taka (or 47p at current exchange rate) 2


-          Earnings per share for full year ending 31 December 2014 = 4.15 Taka (or 3p at today’s exchange rate, giving a PE ratio ~6 at the current price of 18.25p, suggesting it’s undervalued, assuming fair value begins at a PE ratio of 10) 2



-          BXP received US FDA Approval for their oral solid dosage form facility on 24 June 2015 and are now waiting for several abbreviated new drug applications to be approved before exports to the US can begin 3



  1. First Quarter Results, 14 May 2015
  2. Notification of Preliminary Results and AGM, 28 April 2015
  3. Beximco Pharma receives US FDA Approval, 24 June 2015
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