Fantasy Portfolio 2017: week ending 2 June 2017

Monday, 5th June 2017 09:56 - by Moosh

This week I bought 2571 shares Empyrean Energy (EME, total cost £100) and 1230 shares Proton Power Systems (PPS, total cost £50).

Fantasy Portfolio 2017: week ending 2 June 2017


Figure 1: Percentages of change in portfolio value and the proportion of the portfolio held as cash, since 1 January 2016

I am holding the following (assume I will hold for up to 12 months):

  • 2571 shares EME, break even 4.28p
  • 6893 shares MTR, break even 3.05p
  • 4124 shares PPS, break even 5.1p
  • 8768 shares UKOG, break even 1.9p
  • 3254 shares VAL, break even 6.12p
  • Cash remaining = £9700.93


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