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ShareCompany NameMidChangeBidAskTools
Pin to quick picksJOULJoules Grp44.0033.33%0.00044.0044.50
Pin to quick picksTGRTirupati Graph.43.5027.01%0.00043.0044.00
Pin to quick picksTXPTouchst Ex Di87.0024.11%0.00086.0088.00
Pin to quick picksGYGGlobal Yachting Group31.0021.57%0.00027.0035.00
Pin to quick picksGLRGalileo Resourc1.1521.05%0.0001.101.20
Pin to quick picksGCMGCM Resources4.1018.84%0.0004.004.20
Pin to quick picksXTRXtract3.7015.63%0.0003.603.80
Pin to quick picksDELTDeltic Energy3.9013.04%0.0003.703.90
Pin to quick picks0R6YNordic Nanovect2.52712.96%0.0002.4642.59
Pin to quick picksCSFSCornerstone Fs8.7512.90%0.0008.509.00
Pin to quick picksALKAlkemy Capital.117.5011.90%0.000110.00125.00
Pin to quick picks0A5VViatris Ord10.53411.18%0.00010.00811.06
Pin to quick picksBOILBaron Oil0.08810.00%0.0000.080.09
Pin to quick picksZIOCZanaga Iron2.129.98%-0.1402.142.38
Pin to quick picks0QYCFirst Majestic10.889.97%0.00010.33611.424
Pin to quick picksDPPDp Poland9.059.70%0.0008.709.40
Pin to quick picksGENFGenflow Biosci2.859.62%0.0002.703.00
Pin to quick picksPFPPathfinder Minerals0.5759.52%0.0000.550.60
Pin to quick picksALLAtlantic Lith40.609.43%0.00039.8040.20
Pin to quick picks0QCOPharming Group0.9769.26%0.0000.9521.00

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