Fulcrum Metals boost Saskatchewan uranium exploration assets by 221% to 59,000 acres. Watch the full video here.

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Check out the stocks that have reached a 52 week high in the last week, you can filter your search using various parameters from market cap to index. In addition, you can sort your searches from an array of options from company name to volumes sold and select in ascending and descending order. Furthermore, you can customise your search from selecting > greater than, < less than, = equal and not equal != days since 52 week high.

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Share Company Name Mid Change Bid Ask Tools
Pin to quick picks 3CRELs 3x Crm8.76628.44%1.9418.7118.7815
Pin to quick picks CRM3Ls 3x Crm9.42925.99%1.945259.52959.607
Pin to quick picks AT.Ashtead Technology578.0019.18%93.00572.00580.00
Pin to quick picks 3CRMLs 3x Crm692.4517.27%101.95752.35758.40
Pin to quick picks MCBMcbride72.2010.74%7.0072.2074.80
Pin to quick picks 0HZCEurazeo Ord69.5510.66%6.7068.8070.30
Pin to quick picks EEEEmpire Metals11.9510.65%1.1511.7012.20
Pin to quick picks IMCImc Exploration2.959.26%0.252.703.20
Pin to quick picks SBDSSilver Bullet115.006.98%7.50100.00115.00
Pin to quick picks 0RFLVat Group Ord407.055.86%22.55386.70427.40
Pin to quick picks GAIDGail(india)gdr9.404.44%0.409.409.60
Pin to quick picks SFTSoftware Circle13.503.85%0.5013.0014.00
Pin to quick picks 3LRRGranite 3xl Rr/16,500.003.79%602.8643516,856.579516,900.00
Pin to quick picks ZEGZegona Com165.003.77%6.00160.00165.00
Pin to quick picks ARM33x Long Arm31.163.73%1.1231.1131.40
Pin to quick picks 3ARM3x Long Arm2,463.503.72%88.252,457.502,484.50
Pin to quick picks MHIDMahindra Gdr20.103.34%0.6519.9020.10
Pin to quick picks SNIKWt Nickel 1x Sh5.9353.19%0.183755.96255.9775
Pin to quick picks 0NZUZealand Pharma333.702.90%9.40325.40342.00
Pin to quick picks 0NQCPandora Ord930.802.82%25.50912.00949.60

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