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Roundtable Discussion; The Future of Mineral Sands

With many of the World’s developing countries declaring zircon, ilmenite and rutile as "Critical Minerals" that are required for the transition to carbon zero, we take a timely look at these Mineral Sands from an investing perspective.

To discuss the specific investment opportunities and the broader industry landscape, focusIR hosted a round table discussion with Sapan Ghai, Chief Commercial Officer of Sovereign Metals (LON: SVML); Oliver Hasler, Chief Executive Officer of Pyx Resources (LON:PYX); Dennis Edmonds, Chief Executive Officer of Kazera Global (LON:KZG); with sectoral analysis provided by Ryan Long, Managing Director of Mining and Metals Research Corporation, and author of the well-respected Junior Mining Insights newsletter.

In this insightful roundtable discussion, investors will hear:

- Why there is a misconception that Mineral Sands are usually coastline discoveries

- How grades and resources can replenish, as opposed to end-of-life precious metal mines

- Where the customer base and applications are

- When demand for mineral sands from China, India and South Africa is set to accelerate

What also unified all our contributors was their commitment to the environmental and social aspects of their business model, which includes chemical free separation of mineral sands as well as the progressive rehabilitation and building of new facilities for the social elevation of the communities that work in and live around each project locale.

Combining mindfulness with modern mining, scarcity of product, increasing demand and pricing power as well as potential strategic partnerships with mining majors, the panel concluded all these elements have created a perfect foundation for investor entry.

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