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Orosur CEO Brad George believes Agnico want JV negotiations for Anza phase 2 to begin soon

London South East interviewed Orosur Mining (OMI) CEO Brad George and heard a fascinating progress report.

The Orosur Mining team are just back from South America where they have visited the new 100% owned gold exploration project in Argentina, the tin JV at Ariquemes in Brazil and the flagship Anza gold project in Columbia.

Brad gives a very interesting run down of these two projects which in itself is well worth a listen. And he indicates they are in discussions about future deals. However he also addresses the important next steps for the flagship Anza Columbian JV.

Brad says: "Our agreement with Agnico/Newmont is in the middle of the fourth or final year of the first phase, which ends September 6th. Phase 2 requires a very substantial new agreement to be written, the formal Joint Venture phase, and we will spend a few months negotiating exactly what that will look like. The sense I get is that they would like to start the process quite quickly so they can lock it into their budget going forward for the next four years. Which is $20M, so its not an insignificant amount of money. Agnico are are very happy, they see this as major project."

You can see Brad presenting and taking live Q&A at our next live Natural Resources webinar on March 8.

Brad George, Orosur Mining CEO unveils the New Orosur strategy, supported by the Anza gold project

Orosur CEO Brad George looks forward to life as an AIM explorer with a major gold project secured

Orosur LSE Webinar 6 July2021

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