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Cathal Friel, CEO, Open Orphan, #ORPH at the London South East Life Sciences Investor Briefing

This webcast shows Cathal Friel, the CEO of Open Orphan #ORPH giving his presentation at our Life Sciences Investor Briefing in the City of London and includes the Q&A.

Open Orphan is building a pharmaceutical services company which specialises in orphan drugs, those drugs used to treat rare diseases. Pharmaceutical consulting is a services business with high margins and low risk, and Open Orphan are adding a genome database to the mix to make them attractive to pharma companies.

London South East partnered with Hardman & Co on the night as they have an expertise in the Life Sciences and Biotech fields. We were joined on the evening of 11 September by the CEO of Open Orphan, the CEO of Destiny Pharma and the CFO of Shield Therapeutics, all AIM-listed companies. The evening was kicked off by Dr Martin Hall who heads the Hardman Life Sciences team and he put the sector in context for us.

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Cathal Friel, CEO of pharma services company #OpenOrphan explains the investment opportunity

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