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ShareCompany NameMidChangeBidAskTools
Pin to quick picksWRKSTheworks.co.uk.34.10-26.67%0.00033.2034.20
Pin to quick picksPLT33x Pltr0.0558-25.85%0.0010.05390.0551
Pin to quick picks3PRE3x Pltr0.053-25.83%-0.0000.05280.054
Pin to quick picks3PLT3x Pltr4.175-25.78%-0.3294.3774.63
Pin to quick picks3LVEGranite 3L Nvda5.90-21.18%0.1495.715.7925
Pin to quick picks3LVPGranite 3L Nvda517.25-21.16%32.500480.70488.80
Pin to quick picks3NVELs 3X Nvidia26.49-20.87%1.52824.88525.04
Pin to quick picks3NVDLs 3X Nvidia2,108.50-20.81%2.5002,097.002,115.00
Pin to quick picksSARG-3x Ark Genomic214.80-20.69%-1.250214.80217.30
Pin to quick picksARGE-3x Ark Genomic2.551-20.68%-0.0112.5482.576
Pin to quick picks3LNVGranite 3L Nvda5.89-20.57%0.0005.865.92
Pin to quick picksNVD3Ls 3X Nvidia25.48-20.39%-0.01525.4125.58
Pin to quick picksARGS3x Ark Genomic2.603-20.20%-0.0142.6022.632
Pin to quick picksEAHEco Animal103.00-19.22%0.000101.00105.00
Pin to quick picks3SNEGranite 3S Nflx1.1781-17.93%0.0001.17191.1843
Pin to quick picks3SNPGranite 3S Nflx99.375-17.83%0.00098.8499.91
Pin to quick picks3SNFGranite 3S Nflx1.217-17.37%0.0141.1971.21
Pin to quick picksSAKE-3x Ark Innovat3.455-17.15%-0.0473.4763.529
Pin to quick picksARKS-3x Ark Innovat288.80-17.04%-6.800293.50297.70
Pin to quick picks3LNGWt N.gas 3X Lev17,170-16.94%-205.00017,30617,444

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