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SP Angel see H1 FDA approval for rapidly commercialising Tekcapital prospect #TEK

Our guests today are Tania McIver, Special Situations Analyst and Liam Gascoigne-Cohen, Healthcare Analyst at SP Angel. SP Angel work as both Broker and Nomad for Tekcapital, who buy and commercialise technologies developed by universities – and that’s who we are talking about today.

The Tekcapital Chairman is Clifford Gross PHd, and he has a vast amount of experience and connections in the field. #TEK currently have five prospects in their portfolio, and are turning each into a commercial reality as quickly as possible. The idea is to produce returns through capital appreciation.

One of the portfolio companies, Bellascura, has developed a portable oxygen concentrator for people suffering from respiratory diseases, and is awaiting FDA approval for the product in H1. There is an estimated 1 billion dollar market for the portable carrier, which is used by patients with pulmonary problems.

Another, Salarius, produces tiny salt crystals which contain half the sodium but still provide the salt taste consumers enjoy. This has multiple uses in the processed food industry. Two sales and distribution contracts have already been signed up. Meanwhile, Guidant is producing safety and efficiency software for autonomous vehicles, soon to be a very large market. The software is still under development.

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