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Shaun Day hails ‘an outstanding outcome’ as Greatland controversial 5% share stake valued at US$60M

Over 700 Greatland Gold (GGP) followers in total joined our live event this afternoon (21.07.22) to hear #GGP Managing Director Shaun Day give his reaction to this morning’s valuation announcement. Shaun described the US$60M valuation as ‘an outstanding achievement’.

Under the rules of the Joint Venture agreement with their Australian Mining partner Newcrest, if the parties were more than 20% apart in price, the 5% stake would be priced by an adjudicator. The adjudicator was presented with two options and had to support one or the other party, ‘a binary decision’ as Shaun put it. And after both sides had collected a mass of evidence, the adjudicator backed the Greatland Gold case, built on Greatland’s updated Mineral Resources Estimate or MRE, an increase in total gold content of 53% and 50% respectively.

Shaun gives a short presentation focused on the events around the adjudication and the massive uplift in value achieved, then takes almost an hour of questions, both live and supplied beforehand.

Thanks very much to everyone for attending, asking such useful and interesting questions and for watching all the way to the end.

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