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Deepverge Part 3

Monday, 28th June 2021 12:37 - by Moosh


I first bought Deepverge (LSE:DVRG) in November 2019 around the time of the news release relating to the successful field trial for water monitoring of E. coli.

Back then, nobody knew what was to begin over the next few months in the shape of COVID-19 and the catastrophic global effect that it would eventually have. Fast forward to current times and it is that success from November 2019 which has snowballed into a global wastewater monitoring phenomenon, for the purpose of tracking SARS-COV2 in wastewater, in order to identify hotspots for the virus and its variants in order to quickly yield a response via surge testing and vaccination programmes to hopefully contain any breakouts locally before they spread far and wide.

An unfortunate twist of fate but one which DVRG has taken advantage of and it’s fortuitous that the company has had the means to do it, both operationally and financially, in a speedy manner to the ongoing pandemic.

Deepverge April 2021 article

Deepverge - Part 2

It’s management at it’s finest and this is why I continue to be a strong buyer of DVRG under 50p. I have explained my general thoughts to its CEO, Gerard Brandon, about what I am looking for in a company on a long-term basis and the news output has demonstrated to me that he is very much aligned with my investment strategy.

If DVRG is new to you, add it to your watchlist and keep a lookout for news over the summer/autumn as further details of the China Resources joint venture and the US rollout of Skin Trust Club are to follow.

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