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ACF Equity Research says Chinese control of Rare Earths production is a ‘global strategic concern’

Tuesday, 19th December 2023 12:38 - by ACF Equity Research

Christopher Nicholson and Renas Sidahmed, MD and Head of ESG at ACF Equity Research respectively, presented the key findings of their recently published research on the Rare Earths sector, providing investors with a deeper understanding of the macro drivers for commodity prices and the competitive landscape in which the Rare Earths metals sector operates.

Christopher and Renas presented and took live questions at our focusIR/London South East Natural Resources webinar on 5th December 2023, our final event of the year.

The Rare Earths Elements (REE) research is available to those private investors who are interested by registering for research at the ACF Equity Research website and asking specifically for this content.

The largest use of REEs is the production of permanent magnets – a critical component of clean energy applications (e.g., electric vehicles and wind turbines).

ACF expect strong demand in 22-32E for magnet rare earths, including neodymium, praseodymium and dysprosium.

China dominates REE mining supply, producing 57% of the world’s REE output.

Chinese REE market dominance is a global strategic concern because REEs are essential materials for electric cars, defence applications and net zero electricity generation.

Watch the video here and read their presentation here.

Analyst Bios

Christopher has been a financial analyst for over two decades and trained at Global US based fund manager Legg Mason. He founded ACF Equity Research over 10 years ago. Renas worked at both the IMF and the World Bank, Mitsubishi Securities in London and she is now head of ESG at ACF. Both are sought after commentators.

ACF Equity Research is an independent investment research company specialising in the highest specification independent equity research for corporate clients. Our research is characterised by its accuracy, clarity and foresight and is based upon a fundamental valuation approach.

Our mission is to improve company’s liquidity through credible equity research services characterised by its accuracy, clarity and foresight, excellent international distribution and reliable access for investment managers.

We believe in the importance and value of clarity, the careful articulation of technical ideas, concepts and solutions. Our team of analysts are independently minded individuals who believe in thoroughness, technical competence and clear punchy communications.

More information please visit ACF Equity Research. 

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