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Royal Mail Share Price (RMG)

Share Price Information for Royal Mail (RMG)

Share Price: 457.80Bid: 457.30Ask: 457.40Change: 0.00 (0.00%)No Movement on Royal Mail
Spread: 0.10Spread as %: 0.02%Open: 452.90High: 458.00Low: 450.40Yesterday’s Close: 457.80
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Royal Mail Plc Ord 1P

Royal Mail is listed in the FTSE 100, FTSE All-Share, FTSE 350, FTSE 350 Low Yield
Royal Mail is part of the Industrial Transportation sector

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Currency Issue Country Shares in Issue Market Capitalisation Market Size
GBX GB 1,000.00m £4,578.00m 3,000

52 Week High 618.00 52 Week High Date 16-JAN-2014
52 Week Low 388.00 52 Week Low Date 30-SEP-2014

# Trades Vol. Sold Vol. Bought PE Ratio Earnings Dividend Yield
2,911 1,035,491 1,301,226 3.585 127.70 13.30 2.91

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Trade Type:

*Buys and Sells are calculated on the difference between the trade price and the current mid price. As such, they can occasionally be incorrect.

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Directors Deals for Royal Mail (RMG)
Trade DateActionNotifierPriceCurrencyAmountHolding
04-Aug-14Buy Dividends
Trade Notifier Information for Royal Mail
Nick Horler held the position of Non-Executive Director at Royal Mail at the time of this trade.
 Nick Horler
04-Aug-14Buy Dividends
Trade Notifier Information for Royal Mail
Paul Murray held the position of Non-Executive Director at Royal Mail at the time of this trade.
 Paul Murray
04-Aug-14Buy Dividends
Trade Notifier Information for Royal Mail
Orna Ni-Chionna held the position of Senior Independent Non-Executive Director at Royal Mail at the time of this trade.
 Orna Ni-Chionna
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Share Price
Fri 21:15
RE: Days low is above 450
No Opinion

@therealdeal1 it has gotten through the first filter for the price to go from 450 up towards 500. because the market is in a major fundamentals downtrend, I think its better to sell on it going from 500 to 450, or from 450 to 400. this would be for people who already have a lot of shares, when it looks like its going to descend say from 500 to 450, to sell near 500, and rebuy at 450 and make 10% profit. you need to work with the trend. both websites I use say buying exceeds selling, I probably want selling to exceed buying here. excessive buying could send it back to 400.
Fri 20:43
RE: Days low is above 450
Weak Buy

@therealdeal1 I am tempted to buy in, what I am not sure about is how much margin above 450, because with such things the price can stray momentarily above a demarcation. I would rather buy in on such an opportunity in a better season. if you buy in based on this theory, regard it as a gamble and put a smaller amount. if too many buy in on any idea at all, it can fail simply because too many follow the idea. you need to stay in the margins otherwise you become the market and things will go against you. if too many people buy shares regardless of motive, the price will eventually plummet! so its absolutely essential to exercise discretion, and put smaller trades. @Grayling even if there is no market maker, my theory is empirical, ie based on observation, so that wouldnt affect the prediction. I think there has to be a market maker, because otherwise how can you guarantee to be able to buy and sell shares at all times? there must be at least a de facto market maker, ie someone with a lot of shares and a lot of money who will unconditionally buy/sell any higher ranking shares. at the end of the day, empirically the market works exactly as I described, there is big money which follows a very specific methodology across the entire stock exchange and which basically defines the price. The London Stock Exchange very clearly says there are market makers!
Fri 16:01
Days low is above 450
No Opinion

Are you buying in Richard
Fri 11:15
High Online trade for RMG delivery

24th Oct and already selling stock planned for Nov/Dec, and re-ordering from suppliers yesterday. it is always busy this time off year but I am finding demand even higher this year in the UK/Euro and we are sending a lot to Australia , using RMG track and signed service. RMG are very busy. Just wish they would bring my mail sacks 200 please.
Fri 10:59
RE: santa claus irony

"I think the RMG share price is the opposite of that, if enough people sell, the price will continue moving up to 500 but if too many buy, then the price will return to 400." and "if too many are buying, the mm's can get a deficit and they then plummet the price." Sorry Richard but you are wrong. RMG and other FTSE 100 companies are traded on SETS. There are no middle men (market makers) involved in these trades, the automatic system simply matches up sellers and buyers. Your broker puts in your shares to either buy or sell and SETS matches up the other half of the transaction. So how can "they" as in the market makers "get a deficit and plummet the price"?
Fri 00:38
santa claus irony
No Opinion

there was some film, possibly Elf, where Santa's sleigh stopped flying because nobody believed in Santa. that his sleigh would only fly if enough people believed. in central park they were trying to get a crowd of people to believe in Santa in order to get santa's sleigh airborne, they were all trying their best to believe in santa, and eventually it worked and the sleigh became airborne. I think the RMG share price is the opposite of that, if enough people sell, the price will continue moving up to 500 but if too many buy, then the price will return to 400. so its an irony, the price will only improve if everyone stops believing in the company! @therealdeal1 its a good time to go on holiday, if you have the money, fly south to the southern hemisphere where it will be summer, or to the tropics where its summer all year round. I evaluated the portfolio I had on 1st Oct, on 11th that would have lost -6.18%, and now 23rd it would have lost -4.3%. so it has regained 1.88% since 11th, but hasnt regained 1st oct. I'm not investing because of the general ambience, of numerous profit warnings. one of the shares I quit that had announced healthy profits announced reduced turnover, and the price plummetted some 20% in one day! I sold that one because I sold everything, this shows the power of trading with the general trend. you shouldnt follow investor trends, but you should follow company trends! if too many are buying, the mm's can get a deficit and they then plummet the price. move to cash when there is a blizzard of profit warnings, because these are "contagious". pay the CGT, its the lesser evil. where profits have been good, prices havent improved much. anyone who buys shares now could succeed, but you are skating on thin ice.

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