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Wed 22:58
If the find was not commercial, don't you think we'd have seen some significant shorting taking place after the price had quadrupled on the discovery announcement? I'm normally one who looks for the negatives in any investment to see if I'd still buy the share today at the new price and, with this, the truth is that I'm planning another little top up tomorrow when funds come through (so am happy to put my money where my mouth is, that is to say.)
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Wed 22:22
I've just checked back and there is nothing to suggest TL has insider knowledge. The feeling has been in this board that the next update will be on the progress of NK31. TL may well be right that there is further work to do on commercial viability. We are excitedly awaiting the results of the 'discovery' at A5. TL's post in my opinion is designed to be ambiguous at best. Sjbrum posted in a similar way last week and couldn't contain himself when closing his short position. Having spoken with CC in the past I have to agree with pipear. He has never ramped the share and for him to remain excited about A5 is good enough for me.
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Wed 22:06
TL said on the day before the last rns "oil shows mean nowt".There was nothing to suggest he has any insider knowledge at all.Just a random comment.The thing is CC clearly states that A5 is a discovery.He would not use these these terms if this wasnt significant.CC wouldnt give you his spare biscuit out of his lunch unless he had a fantastic reason to.
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RE: next rns
Wed 21:49
Timothy I agree with that statement although commerciality will come once drilling is completed and tests are run.
We are still over 300m from TD with a discovery announced so far which will be quantified in due course.
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Wed 21:48
We have a psychic on the board. I will definitely sell all my shares tomorrow after such blunt and amazing advice. Timothy, thank you for your fantastic psychic contribution to this debate. On a serious note. The rns will come when it comes and we have a very good chance of positive results. All the signs are pointing to a big find.
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Wed 21:44
Please tell us why you believe so? Or you know it for the fact?
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next rns
Wed 21:41
Will detail positive data from drill but not commercial find
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RE: LongJohnSilver
Wed 21:34
Leicester when have we had a not so good RNS.
We still haven't cored the area we have drilled so far because we need additional drilling fluid.
That is an operational delay do you not understand the RNS.
Timothy also has not predicted a not so good RNS as far as I am aware.
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massive potential at Deep Well A5
Wed 21:34
According to petroleum scientists, the Caspian Sea region
contains the third largest reserve of oil and natural gas in the
world, behind the Gulf region and Siberia.
Drilling for oil in the region is not new. Oil derricks
dotted the landscape during the latter decades of the nineteenth
century. Oil was a major source of hard currency for the former
Soviet Union, but drilling methods were technologically inferior
compared with western firms when it came to large-scale oil
exploration. This inhibited Soviet exploration in the Caspian
region. Western firms for decades had longed to be given the
opportunity to exploit the former Soviet empire's massive oil

It was only in the 1980s that modern technology
entertained the notion that the deeper fields (where the most of
oil reserves are) were more accessible.

The area around Azerbaijan, on the southwestern shores of the
Caspian Sea, is not the only portion of the region to have oil
reserves. One of the world's largest oil fields, the Tengiz in
western Kazakhstan, was discovered in 1979. The Soviets had been
drilling in the Tengiz region, in the northeastern section of the
Caspian Sea, for many years. The Tengiz discovery dramatically
altered oil exploration potential for the region as a whole.

By most accounts the reserves in the region are very large.
When the region was still part of the former Soviet Union, western
oil companies were aware of the vast potential, but were not able
to gain access to the deposits. The Soviets wanted to develop the
area on its own, however, and focused more on the Siberian region
instead. When the Soviet Union splintered into several nations,
western companies began negotiations with the new entities.
Contracts have since been signed, but there are still many
obstacles, notwithstanding the negotiating hurdles. First, the
region is basically desert terrain, with dramatic seasonal

Second, there are extreme mountains in the northeast into
Russia. According to the Oil and Gas Journal, there is deep
sediment covering most of the predicted deposits. There is also a
phenomenon called salt tectonics which could effect the quality of
the product. These factors may prove burdensome to most companies,
but they should not render exploration futile. Modern technology
can overcome some geologic impediments. If the oil can be
reached, petroleum engineers believe it to be of high quality.
Because of the aforementioned deep sediment cover (up to 24 km)
and the fact that the Tengiz field is the biggest of the super
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Wed 21:27
I'm not superstitious. Last time TimothyLeary said next Rns is not so good and next day it came true. Sice then ROXI has retraced back. I believe there will always be someone with inside knowledge. We all want to know positive things but don't want to hear anything else. Let's give him a chance.

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