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Cathal Friel refocuses Open Orphan as he raises 5m and buys virology specialist hVivo

In a wide-ranging interview with London South East, Open Orphan Executive Chairman Cathal Friel outlines his vision for the business and explains how the combined talents of Open Orphan, hVivo and ...


What's Hot post Brexit Day #MUL #GEMD #BDEV #GSK #VOD #RMG #TM

Who wants upmarket recognition, why has GlaxoSmithKline turned philanthropic, is Royal Mail a buying opportunity for Amazon and what must you never do just before the annual bonus round? Sarah talks ...


What's hot in Brexit week #BURB# #CRST #MCS #BT.A #RSDB #ULVR #DGE #AMZN #SBUX #III

Trading in Brexit week is far from UK focused with coronavirus contagion fears in China and bumper earnings from Wall Street. Sarah talks dividend aristocrats, black swans, lottery numbers and plant ...


Hardman research proves that retail investors influence pricing and liquidity across all markets

Hardman & Co have just published an influential piece of share ownership research, along the lines of the long-standing ONS share ownership survey, but covering all the stocks in the London ...


What's Hot Jan 20 2020 #SXX #AAL #PETS #BRBY #EZJ #ASC #SMWH #EVE

What's driving investors to lingerie stocks in the Year of Virility, which company is benefitting from the demise of a related rival, which business is presenting investors with an exit conundrum and ...


Mongolian oil producer Petro Matad seeks Exploitation Licence to commercialise Heron field

In an interview with London South East's Donald Leggatt, Petro Matad CEO Mike Buck set out his ambitions for 2020. Having drilled exploration wells in the West in 2018 and discovered oil in the East ...


What's Hot week of Jan 12 #ABF #BOO #PSN #TW #GAW #HFD

Which companies have released a trio of record trading updates from the retail and housing sectors, why is Rupert's mum so smug, does the future lie with the nerds, where should models stick their ...


Former Faroe team see massive new North Sea E&P opportunity for Longboat Energy

There's a perception out there that North Sea Oil & Gas is struggling, but that's not the case at all. So says the new Norwegian CEO of Longboat Energy. In an interview with London South East, ...


What's Hot the first week of 2020 #RR #GRG #PMO #SBRY #NICL #JD

Which company has had a 3000% return in 10 years, which UK drink is a Ramadan tradition and embittered by a 50% levy, which oil & gas company has been on a buying spree and which car consumers ...


What's Hot Christmas 2019 plus this year's FTSE 350 winners & losers

The stock market is quiet as a nest of monasteries this Christmas with one exception. Find out which non-UK listed stocks should be on your radar and which FTSE 350 shares have excelled and those ...

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