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The end of the Bull Run?

Wednesday, 1st July 2009 14:22 - by Boredmum

I think I need to accept that this is the end of the ‘Bull Run’ for now. As we all know, I lost a lot of money in the markets last year - mainly through suspension, de-listing and companies entering administration. I began to trade in January as opposed to investing, and it worked for me. I took profits in January, February, March, April and May. I’m not sure if I yet want to calculate June, but I am probably close to break-even. This includes some scary events such as Tower Resources (TIDM code TRP) hitting me hard. The profit I took this year brought me close to where I started back in 2008. So, is it fair to say that the Bull Run is over? Recently, I have found both trading and investing hard again. I’m sure there are still plenty of opportunities and plenty of ‘bombed-out stocks’ out there, but is it time for me to take to the sidelines and wait for the next Bull Run? I’ve worked so hard in getting my funds back. It would be a shame to start losing them again. Does anyone else share my views? All points of view are welcome.


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That is certainly an interesting comment with regards to the crash in 2003, may be worth noting that. I agree with the bull run ending in May, my profit for May was only £500 where as Jan to April was £1-£2k each month. June I don't think I earned anything (these are only my actual sells not my portfolio fluctuations). It is back to being a really tough enviroment again. Like Bry says, time to study. Bry how do you fancy watching 2 kids for a few hours so i can do that. lol. It does make it harder when you are trying to do everything, just as well we woman are good at multi tasking.

boredmum - Thu, 2nd Jul 2009 14:59

In my view, January,Feb and March was fill your boots time, and impossible to pick losers. Now we are in a period where the easy pickings are a little harder to find, and so it is head down, and study hard, for 3 to 4 hours a day.

Bry. - Wed, 1st Jul 2009 15:25

Actually, IMO the bull died sometime around the beginning of May. If you really think you need to know the market trends, you could do worse than looking at the chart for the FTSE in 2003 when we'd a single sector crash - then it was the techies, this time the financials. The 03 chart is around 1 week behind the current position... I jokingly made a posit on PPA Premium Chat for the last 7 days of the market. And wasn't far out which was nice - meant I could take time afloat to relax. Alistair

OsakiSushi - Wed, 1st Jul 2009 14:45

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