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Check out the stocks that have reached a 52 week low in the last week, you can filter your search using various parameters from market cap to index. In addition, you can sort your searches from an array of options from company name to volumes sold and select in ascending and descending order. Furthermore, you can customise your search from selecting > greater than, < less than, = equal and not equal != days since 52 week high.

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ShareCompany NameMidChangeBidAskTools
Pin to quick picksWRKSTheworks.co.uk.34.10-26.67%0.00033.2034.20
Pin to quick picksSARG-3x Ark Genomic214.80-20.69%-1.250214.80217.30
Pin to quick picksARGE-3x Ark Genomic2.551-20.68%-0.0112.5482.576
Pin to quick picksARGS3x Ark Genomic2.603-20.20%-0.0142.6022.632
Pin to quick picksEAHEco Animal103.00-19.22%0.000101.00105.00
Pin to quick picksSAKE-3x Ark Innovat3.455-17.15%-0.0473.4763.529
Pin to quick picksARKS-3x Ark Innovat288.80-17.04%-6.800293.50297.70
Pin to quick picksSARK-3x Ark Innovat3.611-16.57%0.0313.5553.606
Pin to quick picksARWS-3x Ark Interne4.39-14.16%0.1484.2174.267
Pin to quick picksEFGDEfg-herm.gdr S1.30-13.33%0.0000.001.39
Pin to quick picksTSLQ-3x Tsla8.987-11.82%0.0009.0229.048
Pin to quick picks3STSGranite 3S Tsla0.204-11.35%0.0010.2020.204
Pin to quick picks3STL-3x Tsla0.105-11.34%-0.0020.10680.1075
Pin to quick picks3STPGranite 3S Tsla17.00-11.08%0.15016.7017.00
Pin to quick picks3STEGranite 3S Tsla0.197-10.94%-0.0030.1980.201
Pin to quick picksTS3S-3x Tsla0.11-10.88%0.0010.10910.1096
Pin to quick picksVILXWt Sp500vix2.2592.30-10.68%0.30091.6092.40
Pin to quick picksROCKRockfire0.335-10.67%0.0000.330.34
Pin to quick picksVIXLWt Sp500vix2.251.11-10.23%-0.0041.1091.119
Pin to quick picksSICL-3x Cln Energ187.05-8.35%0.000185.90188.20

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