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Short Positions for Contour Asset Management LLC

Contour Asset Management LLC Open Short Positions

Company % Short Change Date Changed
Auto Trader (AUTO)0.70% 0.10%13 Feb 2020
Rightmove (RMV)0.97% 0.08%27 Aug 2019

Contour Asset Management LLC Historical Short Positions

Company % Short Date Changed
Auto Trader (AUTO)0.60%29 Jan 2020
Auto Trader (AUTO)0.51%16 Jan 2020
Rightmove (RMV)0.89%23 Jul 2019
Intertek Group (ITRK)0.50%28 Jun 2019
Rightmove (RMV)1.04%2 Apr 2019
Rightmove (RMV)1.18%28 Feb 2019
Rightmove (RMV)1.28%31 Dec 2018
Rightmove (RMV)1.39%28 Nov 2018
Rightmove (RMV)1.40%2 Aug 2018

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