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Date   Source Headline
23rd Sep 201611:02 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
23rd Sep 201610:57 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
22nd Sep 20162:11 pmRNSInterim Dividend Declaration
22nd Sep 201611:00 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
22nd Sep 201610:54 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
21st Sep 201611:42 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
21st Sep 201611:08 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
20th Sep 201611:58 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
20th Sep 201611:05 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
19th Sep 201611:36 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
19th Sep 201611:08 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
16th Sep 201612:29 pmRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
16th Sep 201611:30 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
15th Sep 201610:32 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
15th Sep 201610:29 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
14th Sep 201610:30 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
14th Sep 201610:10 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
13th Sep 201611:37 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
13th Sep 201611:02 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
12th Sep 201611:18 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
12th Sep 201610:53 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
9th Sep 201612:16 pmRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
9th Sep 201611:22 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
8th Sep 201611:24 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
8th Sep 201611:16 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
7th Sep 201611:27 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
7th Sep 201611:07 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
6th Sep 201612:18 pmRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
6th Sep 201611:11 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
5th Sep 201611:11 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
5th Sep 201611:00 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
2nd Sep 201611:17 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
2nd Sep 201610:56 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
1st Sep 201611:27 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
1st Sep 201611:11 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
31st Aug 201610:25 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
31st Aug 201610:11 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
30th Aug 201612:46 pmRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
30th Aug 201612:28 pmRNSNet Asset Value(s)
26th Aug 201611:36 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
26th Aug 201611:33 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
25th Aug 201611:07 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
25th Aug 201611:01 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
24th Aug 201610:35 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
24th Aug 201610:24 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
23rd Aug 20164:07 pmRNSClosed Period Notification
23rd Aug 201611:00 amRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
23rd Aug 201610:51 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)
22nd Aug 201612:02 pmRNSDaily Gearing Announcement
22nd Aug 201610:48 amRNSNet Asset Value(s)

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