We spoke to new Sterling Energy CEO Tony Hawkins about the latest changes happening at the company. Watch the full video here.

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The technology mega-trends for 2021 and beyond: with Hardman & Co tech guru Milan Radia

London South East met up with Milan Radia, an experienced fund manager and now Technology Analyst at Hardman & Co. Long term technology trends is the topic of conversation and Milan runs us through what he thinks are the key tech trends investors should be aware of in 2021 and beyond.

Milan references listed and unlisted companies which benefit from these trends and gives a comprehensive summary of how technology is underpinning everything which we do.

He discusses lockdown and how that has speeded the pace of internet penetration into our work and everyday lives. He references Disney Plus, which met their five year estimate for subscriber growth of 50 million in just 6/9 months. Likewise Netflix, which has seen steady exponential growth in subscriber numbers since 2010.

Milan looks at Bitcoin and Tesla, he mentions the tech companies which create the software chatbots we now use, the technology and suppliers behind the Internet of Things, and the data centres which make all this possible.

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