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Shaun Day, Greatland CEO gave an upbeat presentation to over 800 London South East investors

We were delighted to have Shaun Day, CEO at Greatland Gold (GGP) speak at our London South East October Investor Webinar on 19th October. Shaun was very positive about the Haverion mine project, said that the economics can only get better into the future, and that the Prefeasability Study (PFS) for the South East Crescent starter mine was a terrific start.

Shaun gave a very detailed presentation and Q&A live from Australia.

• He said the fast-track 2M ton pre-feasability study was in the interests of both Newmont and Greatland Gold in order to keep the massive 20,000 ton ore mill at Telfer running as it has 1,200 workers there with all the requisite skills.

• He indicated that a 3M study was being run in parallel, adding another potential 50% to the early output.

• Shaun said that GGP’s $73M share of costs ($123M in total) would be paid for through debt, and he had already received term sheets from a couple of banks who are keen to support such a high grade relatively low risk project.

• He was also very excited about the prospects for the Eastern Breccia.

We were equally delighted to welcome PrimaryBid as sponsors our Autumn webinar series. PrimaryBid gives individuals access to one-off public company fundraisings and IPO's on the same terms as institutional investors. The best way to hear about their offers is to register on their website at primarybid.com.

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New Greatland Gold CEO Shaun Day looks forward to growing GGP into a multi-billion dollar asset

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