The London South East, Investing Matters Podcast - Episode 5 featuring Annabel Brodie-Smith, the Communications Director at The AIC is now LIVE. Listen here.

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London South East

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EXCLUSIVE: MySQUAR CEO talks latest revenue numbers and strategy for Myanmar social media platform

Eric Schaer, CEO of Myanmar-language social media platform MySQUAR talks to us about about paying down loan notes, raising money for acquisitions, revenue number confusion and the Rohyinga crisis. ...


EXCLUSIVE: Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia on investing in much-hyped blockchain technologies

Eddy Travia, CEO of crypro Incubator fund NEX-listed Coinsilium, explains the latest much-hyped asset class of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Tokens - and why investing in his incubator fund is ...


VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Keith Bush, CEO Cabot Energy

Keith Bush, Cabot Energy CEO, explains why they take a contrarian approach to producing light oil in Canada, with 5000 bpd hoped for in 2-3 years. And why gas prospects in Italy are outstanding - and ...


VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bailey, Fund Manager & CIO Daniel Stewart

Fund Manager and CIO Chris Bailey briefs us on the imminent launch of his global 'Dynamic Opportunities' fund for Daniel Stewart. Chris explains why the UK and oil are currently unloved and ...


VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Neill Carson, CEO i3 Energy

i3 Energy boss Neill Carson sums up i3's prospects. From launching on AIM 6 weeks ago to oil flowing from the North Sea by the end of 2018 Neill is keen to hit 10,000 bpd and make his Aberdeen ...


VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Colin Hutchinson, CEO Ascent Resources

Ascent Resources CEO Colin Hutchinson tells us Slovenian gas is about to be sold to Croatia after 10 years and 45 Million Euros, a new phase for the company. And why with patience, the prospects in ...


Phoenix Global Mines - IPO

Share Talk - Phoenix Global ...


Share Trading: Finding value using Level 2 data + Volume

A technical seminar from Rajan Dhall on how to find value across asset classes using Level 2 data + Volume. ...


Berkeley Energia presentation by Paul Atherley, CEO

Berkeley Energia presentation by Paul Atherley, CEO ...


Investing in Silver, presentation by Ian Williams (Charteris)

Ian Williams is the Chairman and CEO of Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers Ltd, a London based boutique fund manager ( ...

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