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An introduction to Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

Going Global

  • If you’re looking for growth, I believe Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust offers you a real opportunity to increase your wealth over the long term
  • The world is now one global market place – so to find the best investment ideas it makes sense to look globally.
  • Going global means investors have access to the greatest possible opportunity set. It means the ability to find truly world-class companies from every region.
  • We believe Global Portfolio Trust gives you a well-diversified portfolio with exposure to a range of exciting international markets that may be difficult to replicate any other way. That’s why many financial planners use global investments as a ‘core’ holding within an investment portfolio.

Finding the best ideas

  • We’ve created a portfolio consisting of businesses we believe are leaders and innovators at the forefront of some multi-decade investment themes such as the rise of electric vehicles, growth of the emerging market middle class and the onset of artificial intelligence.
  • To find these top-quality investment opportunities, we draw on the experience and expertise of Martin Currie’s equity analysts.
  • We look for companies which are in control of their own destinies – those which have strong market positions, are financially sound and generate high levels of profitability.
  • Central to this approach is extensive company engagement and a focus on responsible investing – ESG – because we believe sustainable, well-managed companies make more successful long-term investments.

In it for the long term

  • In more than 20 years of investing, my belief has always been that to be a ‘proper investor’ is to be a long-term investor
  • Our goal is to give our shareholders consistent outperformance over the long term.
  • We believe that we can offer a smoother investment journey – better returns with less volatility than our global equity benchmark.
  • Also, Global Portfolio Trust has several shareholder-friendly policies, including a quarterly dividend. Because there is more to performance than a good risk/return profile.
  • So, this is what you can expect from Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust: It offers a well-diversified portfolio full of our best investment ideas, backed by the research and skills of our equity investment experts, with the aim of generating long-term growth for our shareholders.

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

  • A global approach to find the world’s best companies
  • Extensive research to identify the best investment ideas
  • Shareholder-friendly features
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Our stock-focused approach is driven by in-depth fundamental research and skilled portfolio construction. We invest for the long term to capture equity growth, but only when high-quality opportunities are identified at sensible valuations.

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