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Henderson Far East Income Limited (HFEL)

About Henderson Far East Income (HFEL)
Henderson Far East Income aims to provide a high level of dividend as well as capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio of investments traded on the Pacific, Australasian, Japanese and Indi-an stock markets. The team predominantly invest in equities and look for companies with high and sustainable dividends and ones with potential dividend growth. The team have a value driven process and focus on cash flow, as cash flow ultimately pays dividends. Henderson Far East Income is a strong diversifier for income and growth-seeking investors.
Type: Ordinary shares
Ticker: HFEL
ISIN Code: JE00B1GXH751
Regional Focus: Asia Pacific
Asset Class: Equities
Objective: Income & Growth
Henderson Far East Income Limited Share Price
Change3.50 (1.25%)

Henderson Far East Income Limited Share Graph

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Meet the Managers

Mike Kerley is Director of Asia Pacific Equities and a Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors. He has managed Pacific equities since joining Henderson in 2004 and managed investment trusts since 2007.

Mike is joined by Sat Duhra, a portfolio manager on Janus Henderson’s Asia ex Japan Equities Team and co-fund manager for Henderson Far East. Together Sat and Mike make for a highly experienced management team as their combined 53 years in the finance industry provides share-holders with a vast wealth of expert knowledge fighting their corner.

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