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Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust (HAST)

About Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust (HAST)
The Company exploits global opportunities not normally readily accessible in one vehicle to investors. The managers aim to provide long-term growth to shareholders via a diversified, international, multi-strategy portfolio which also offers access to specialist funds including hedge and private equity. The multi-asset portfolio offers unique access to an array of investment strategies around the world. Known as a fund-of-funds, portfolio diversification is key to the Trust’s performance as it seeks to deliver smooth returns irrespective of global market dynamics. The Trust is a great diversifier for investors with equity and fixed income portfolios
Type: Ordinary shares
Ticker: HAST
ISIN Code: GB0001216000
Regional Focus: Global
Asset Class: Multi-Asset
Objective: Growth
Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust Share Price
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Meet the Managers

Alex Barr, newest member of the team, rejoined Janus Henderson in 2019 as Senior Portfolio Manager on the UK-based Multi-Asset Team. In this role, Alex manages the Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust.

Alex is joined by co-fund managers James de Bunsen and Pete Webster. In addition to Alex’s 26 years of financial industry experience, James and Pete both have extensive experience in the Janus Henderson UK-based Multi-Asset Team and the wider industry.

With a larger-than-usual management team, the managers have an added benefit as they are able to draw on their vast collective experience and in-sights in order to achieve the best possible results for their shareholders.

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