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Allianz Global Investors

Allianz Global Investors
About Allianz Global Investors

Allianz Global Investors and its predecessors have been managing investment trusts since 1889, providing investors with access to investment opportunities around the world.

Investment trusts are among the oldest forms of investment vehicle. They are public limited companies (PLCs), just like the shares of the companies in which they invest, but their sole aim is to generate returns for investors. Each trust is a company listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange that has its own independent board of directors whose duty it is to look after your interests as an investor.

Investment trusts allow you spread your risk, as you are not reliant on the fortunes of just one or two companies.

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Featured Trusts
Allianz Technology Trust PLC (ATT)

strives for superior long-term returns by identifying major trends ahead of the crowd and participating in stocks that have the potential to become tomorrow's Microsoft, Google or Apple. The portfolio tends to be overweight in high growth mid cap companies and underweight in mega cap companies. The Manager continues to exploit the considerable benefits of being located in San Francisco and has close and regular contact with the growth companies that are identified for the portfolio.

The Brunner Investment Trust PLC (BUT)

seeks out the best opportunities for growth and reliable dividends wherever they may be. The Trust is not restricted to any one country or sector, enabling investors to access a portfolio of high quality companies all over the world. The Trust aims to provide growth in capital value and dividends for investors over the long term. The benchmark against which performance is measured is 70% FTSE World Ex UK Index and 30% FTSE All-Share Index.

The Merchants Trust PLC (MRCH)

seeks out the best opportunities for dividend yield and long term capital growth from a concentrated portfolio of leading UK companies. Having conviction allows portfolio manager Simon Gergel to concentrate the portfolio into his team's very best ideas. Simon looks for shares with a dividend yield, but also with strong cash flows and good fundamentals. He also looks to pay a reasonable price for the shares.

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