David Talbot spoke at the London South East-Red Cloud Securities Global Mining Special. Watch the full video here.

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A welcome addition to the Alliance Trust team

C.T. Fitzpatrick, Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Vulcan Value Partners (VVP), has joined the team at Alliance Trust as the 9th expert stock picker. Based in Alabama, VVP is a boutique, active equity manager that focuses on capital preservation and long-term compounding opportunities.

Find out more about VVP by watching the introductory video below or reading the Press Release announcing the appointment. We've also compiled a Q&A.

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Alliance Trust PLC has been investing for generations. We first supported pioneer farmers on the Oregon Trail back in 1888, and since then we’ve successfully navigated world wars, stock market booms (and crashes), and everything in between — while developing a practised eye for high-quality investment potential.

Our storied history has shaped our approach — it’s partly why we don’t rely on short-term trends, but focus on generating meaningful long-term returns. Our unique multi-manager structure is designed to offer built-in resilience and diversification to help investors rise above the noise of an uncertain market, an approach that has allowed us to deliver rising dividends every year for over half a century.

We are a FTSE 250 company, listed on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in Dundee. Alliance Trust’s aim is to be a core holding for investors seeking increasing value over the long term.

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