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Alliance Trust: A consistent performer

Alliance Trust: A consistent performer

Consistency is key to judging the performance of investments. It’s human nature to be attracted to spectacular short-term outperformance, but if it’s followed by a bout of terrible returns, investors are likely to be disappointed in the long run.

Aware of this, the Association of Investment Companies (AIC), the trade body for the investment trust industry, took a deep dive into the numbers, to find out which trusts managed to consistently outperform the average over the past decade.

We are delighted to report that Alliance Trust ranked as the fifth most consistent out of them all.

The results of the AIC analysis found Alliance Trust beat the average investment company return in eight of the last ten years*, a period which includes tumultuous world events such as the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote.

Better still, it ranked as the most consistent investment trust in the AIC global sector. With an average volatility return of 14.03, Alliance Trust managed to achieve the lowest volatility over the longest period of time out of any of its peers. Only one other global trust, Lindsell Train, made it onto the top 20 list, ranking in 11th place.

While past outperformance is not an indication of future returns, the figures do provide evidence that the Alliance Trust portfolio is resilient, and well placed to deliver consistently for its investors.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

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Alliance Trust PLC is an investment trust providing investors with a unique global equity portfolio at a competitive cost. Our portfolio is managed by an alliance of best-in-class managers – as rated by Willis Towers Watson – who invest only in their best ideas. We are one of the UK’s largest investment trusts.

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