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Boring Investments - week ending 11 May 2018

Friday, 11th May 2018 17:15 - by Moosh

There were no changes to my holdings in Asiamet Resources (ARS), Empyrean Energy (EME), and Horizonte Minerals (HZM).


Volume Analysis

All the above holdings this week had a day when the daily volume exceeded their 20 day average volume.


Mystery Holdings (MH?)


There were no changes to my holdings in MH1 and MH2.


My Buying Method

I check out the daily volume - If the daily volume is below the 20 day average volume then it’s a potential buy and hold. The reasoning here, and if you go and have a look at historical rises, sustained rises tend to happen once daily volume exceeds 20 day average volume so it makes sense to settle in on the quiet when volume is below this average volume threshold. In fact I tend to split my capital up into two – one set of chunks I buy when the daily volume is below the 20 day average volume and another optional larger chunk which I can chuck at it once a trend kicks in with volume as it rises above the average volume. This way a volume driven trend is supported with volume both before and immediately at the start of it, with interest no doubt increasing as the price then starts to rise, especially with news flow.



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Thanks For The Information

staceywalsh - Fri, 3rd Aug 2018 06:45

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