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DIRECTOR DEALINGS: Superdry General Counsel & Secretary Sells Shares

(Alliance News) - Superdry PLC on Monday said Group General Counsel & Company Secretary Simon Callander sold shares in the clothing retailer in three separate transactions on Wednesday last week.Callander disposed of 5,061 shares at a price of 415.07 pence each, 4,238 shares at 411.73p each, and 1,000 shares at 427.47p each, worth a total of GBP42,725.The company did not disclose how many shares, if any, Callander holds following the sale.Shares in Superdry closed 1.4% lower on Monday in Lon... Read More

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Top Rising Industry Sectors

Forestry And Paper+2.23%
Health Care And Related Services+1.30%

Top Falling Industry Sectors

Mobile Telecommunications-1.09%
Household Utilities-0.83%
It Services-0.79%

What's Hot for #UJO, #ESL, #RENE, #GYM, #TRAF, #SDRY, #ORPH

Which company provides free facial expressions, what's the hysteria surrounding Union Jack Oil, why the long faces at Trafalgar Property and which Chief Financial Officers are making a difference at ...

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