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14 Apr '18
- Bad deal on Brexit puts 250,000 Yorkshire jobs at risk, says union
- EU's Brexit chief predicts Britain will cave to Spanish demands over Gibraltar
- Edinburgh march for vote on final Brexit deal
- Jaguar Land Rover to cut 1,000 jobs due to Brexit 'headwinds'
- Brexit Trade Talks Slowed by Irish Border Fight - Bloomberg
- Lawyers say the Brexit campaign may have deliberately broken electoral law
- Brexit could mean the UK loses Netflix - East Anglian Daily Times
- Brexit cutting red tape £ don't hold your breath | The Scottish Farmer
- London's Status as Global Finance Center at Risk from Brexit, Warn Leading Bankers - Insurance Journal
- U.K. Brand May Not Be Enough to Woo Food Importers Post Brexit Bloomberg
- Reports of Islamophobic hate crimes more than double since Brexit vote - Daily Echo
- Why Brexit can't transform Commonwealth trade - The Conversation

The Great British Joke called BREXIT CONTINUES!!!


14 Apr '18
and you moved to GC from Lloyds because?

If it was a joke it would't continue would it?

Who in Yorkshire supports Frances O'Grady? I think that you'll find that with the exception of 3 areas, yorkshire voted to Brexit.

Get a life, it's happening..... like it or not.

14 Apr '18
Camkite, hope all is good with you. If I remember rightly you didn't think Trump would last a year either? No, I don't support him but I did listen and witness what those over the pond had to say on the subject matter.

Why don't you think we'll leave?

14 Apr '18
Agree Camkite. Brexit is all a bit pantomime for the benefit of the british people. It will never come to pass in terms of what was promised by NF, bojo or DD. Will end up with a completely watered down version of Brexit!!!

15 Apr '18
Sir Patrick Stewart on Brexit deal vote campaign


2nd referendum on the way....

Brexit is almost history

17 Apr '18
Brexit will definitely happen and there won't be a second referendum.

I see the pound is nearly pre brexit price against the dollar and climbing against the Euro.

7 Jun '18
NFL - I am coming round to the new customs union proposal even though it is going to be a whole new bureaucracy, especially after the Archbishops rather inspiring recent interpretation of the EUs - as he sees it - achievement. At least we remain good neighbours which is important and worth a price to pay for.

9 Jul '18
Evening Camkite! I thought another poster (s) would have something to say. I think we have to face it that if we leave with a soft Brexit we will be worse off and unsure of our relations with the world. I know I would breathe more easily with a proper Brexit and work to do to improve our outlook but unsure x 2 might have resulted . Glad Johnson and Davis resigned they are no wimps. May does not want the union to disintegrate and I think that is her motive for collective responsibility being asserted at this late stage- salvaging from the mess.

9 Jul '18
I'm also glad Johnson and Davis are gone and hope they crawl off to write their memoirs in a shed somewhere. Unfortunately, I expect they'll concentrate their efforts on sniping from the side-lines. Whatever Brexit we end up with people are going to be unhappy - this pair of kuntz know this, and instead of coming up with workable alternatives or compromises they're dissociating themselves from the process. It's just a game for them. Even the timing of Johnson's resignation was designed to steal the spot-light. All we get these days are career politicians looking to serve their own interests. Irritates me quite a lot. Rant over.

11 Jul '18
Brexit will never end. The battle will continue for a decade, neither side will give way. Sadly as Doze said the UK is devided and doomed.

20 Jul '18
I have a sensible backstop plan for Ireland. Move the customs border to the Atlantic.
This would mean the english speakers of Europe are one block. It would facilitate a "great" deal with the US. It would force the EU to do a good deal with the UK. It would lead to cultural harmony in Ireland with marked improvement in prosperity and dual jurisdiction for the population who could choose which one to live under and of course a right of employment over the Irish Sea.

21 Jul '18
If the EU can make a backstop which takes a position on a sovereign nation then I highlight that with the above which, with Eire's consent would make more sense than sticking with its EU option. They have voted before and were persuaded to have a second one which underlines the EU modus operandi. At the moment with Brexit the mandarins of the EU have no proposals because they are just watching us fall to pieces as we argue their case for them giving away more concessions. Re-ignite the Irish referendum issue as a counter offer if the Irish see fit to go along with it. Co-operation with EU on trade has been good but when it becomes a stifling bureaucracy something has gone wrong. The whole world wants environmental good practice- that does not require the EU.

15 Oct '18
My post of 20/7 could take place if the EU disintegrates meanwhile the EU backstop would enable any success in the North could be exploited by GB by seeding GB companies in Northern Ireland as required who would still remit profits to their shareholders in GB aswell as pay to the EU according to the customs union which would continue there. Seems we would get the best of both worlds. Forget the DUP, they would be irrelevant as cross party support would be given. This would ensure an Irish hard border and resumption of hostilities does not happen.
The UK would not be split up as Westminster would still be sovereign in N. Ireland.

15 Nov '18
Shaping up nicely for reasonably frictionless trade with the EU and no cliff edge and ability to cut our own trade deals. There is bound to be a cost for infrastructure due to more border checks(but at least not tariff barrier). I expect a tariff for services including financial ones if the status quo is to prevail in the city. N Ireland must be treated different as the only land border with free flow of unregulated goods possible. Smugglers paradise cannot be allowed!
If it is not kept frictionless I think the border staff would not cope undermining society.
Nice plans put forward for agriculture/meat/forest in the news.

19 Nov '18
My thoughts on the 38bn and partial customs union- we have been integrated into many cross border projects sharing in production and research since joining the European Economic Community in 1973. These are valuable partnerships and the ability to continue in them, if that is what the partial customs union buys is worth it. They could continue to grow and we might be included in new projects of mutual interest. If business ties started to wither it would be a serious setback for Europe.

21 Nov '18
The whole thing is a farce, I can't believe Cameron thought it was a good idea to give us the choice in the first place.

21 Nov '18
It certainly is. What is worse is the EU can change its policies quite quickly if needs must but not at the suggestion of the UK in advance of trouble which would have averted a yes vote for brexit.
I voted Brexit but wish I had been on the losing side however I do think we have to leave to prevent a national humiliation. The Andrew Marr Show was implying the prime ministers office says there is a way out of the backstop but Raab says the EU has a veto over any withdrawal. (44 mins in https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bsvmfr/the-andrew-marr-show-18112018 ) I hope that what will apply is cleared up in the final draft of the withdrawal agreement.
I must say it has been a good education on what history is forged out of.

27 Nov '18
The PM is leaving MPs to their own devices until the vote. The pundits are going round in circles. It is no use believing in a fantasy future when past decisions of our leaders have relegated us in the global league tables. Without EU deal we will get picked to our bones like carrion.

29 Nov '18
Teressa's proposed deal is full of holes and bland statements as Jeremy Corbyn pointed out a few days ago. He asked just what we had been doing for the past two years.The other 27 countries all have to approve this pathetic deal, and the little we have been offered is slowly being clawed back eg. french disputing British fishing rights, and Spain are kicking up a fuss over Gibralta. If we sign up to this deal we may never fully free of the EU.

Tony Abbot the ex Aussie Primeminister has posted a very good response in the Spectator. Well worth a read, whatever side of the argument you are on.


29 Nov '18
It's not really a deal though is it? It's a "withdrawal agreement".. the terms of transition - the period - the option of extension - the backstop that might be used at the end of 2020 or 2022 depending on any extension. It's the future FTA that's vague and open to debate - but whether we had a deal or not - it takes ALL 27 EU countries to agree to a future FTA - that's why France/Spain have us over a barrel and why some believe we will never get out of transition. So the options are (imo) either this blind Brexit - try to get changes to the backstop - or EEA/Norway plus. Of course there's also "no deal" or 2nd referendum .. but if some here believe the public should never have been asked in the first place - what makes a 2nd Ref valid? How can Joe Public decide if a 558 page agreement is worth voting for? Or what the future will be if we opt to stay in the EU (future contributions/integration/FoM). Or whether WTO no deal is worth the risk? (mind you we will burn our bridges with the EU taking this option - they will still try to get the £39 billion divorce money - some of which relates to pension commitments etc.
It's a mess and different fractions of parliament have different objectives - there seems to be no majority for any options.
If only the EU have conceded ground with Cameron in 2015 ie. FoM continuing but citizens required proof of work first or UK to have ability to opt out of future laws etc. (mind you non EU migration is higher than EU migration - so much for controls)

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