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Fri 10:53
I know you are getting a lot of flack over your comments. But your post was a brave one. It is an opinion of course and personal in terms of endearment. But you do highlight certain elements including religion which is also a personal path or life choice, and the need for people to adhere to the ethos of the holy book.
Almost every religion has an "End date" or ultimate sanction. Yet the message is there to all people. Perhaps the bible is a load of tosh, written and fabricated so that the church (another ruling power) could manipulate people through its messages and influence. Perhaps the bible is correct and is simply a prophesy of what has passed and what is yet to come. But the acceptance of religion, no matter what it may be, is a personal decision by each and every one of us.
Now allmoyne also makes an excellent point. TV and world media have never been so widely available so news of all the terrible things perpetrated by man on man has never been so easily and readily available.
There is also an argument that all major religions have at some time in history (with one or two exceptions) been responsible for wars or violence themselves. Or violence perpetrated in the name of one religion or another. It has always been the way and always will be the way.
One thing is true though, money can be traced back to the root of all evil. Conversely money can be used to achieve great good.
But this world will not be free of evil until Miley Cyrus sticks her tongue back in and puts her pants back on. Also Nicole Scherzinger needs to stop wasting good butter on her rump and try to redeem her decency.
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Fri 10:28
just got me thinking, all those world changing disasters would not effect any of us in little old ireland if we turn off the maybe the true evil is tv..... these problems maybe real but 100yrs ago our grandparents lived happy lives because no one told them they had to worry about unconnected problems....rule your own happiness turn that BS off (tv)
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RE: The bigger picture
Fri 09:21
dhegs, thanks for that cheerful post, a real lift-me-up. Who needs drugs when you have dhegs.

I'm particularly impressed by your familiarity with the "ruling in heaven since 1914" about a future worldwide government.

Was there a memo to the folks on earth or was it just discussed amongst the privileged few like yourself who participate in these celestial summits? Was Ezekial there too? Is it true what they say about his beard? You know about the mice....

Now, once you've sold your shares in Bank of Ireland and Petroneft (talk about betting on people who rape the earth, russians hello?) and renounced your premium (!) membership on LSE after a 9 month, 7 post career (did you make the right choice?) I'm very keen to know exactly what you and the crew in heavenly committee have foreseen as an implentation plan and timetable for the worldwide government and who is going to lead it.

Please let us know the details, and hey...remember who your buddies (ie: co-earth-rapists and merchants in the temple) are....were...when Ezekial's brown stuff hits the fan.

On a purely pragmatic note, will we have to wear different clothes? I just want to be ahead of the rush here if orange is to be the new colour. You know how it is when heavenly rulings get implemented, such a pain.
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50c T-shirts and Old Testament
Fri 08:51
so I added in a new line of slogans as a hedge on the biblical prohecies, we want to get a foot in before the prophets of doom send in the plagues of locusts at least. I reckon we're back into stonemason territory here.

1: "Life begins at 50"
2: "I didn't take Rami's advice..."
3: "The BOI 50 cent event"
4: "I passed the BIR stress test!"
5: "I bought the right pillar"
6: "My little FKIR just turned 50!"
7: "Holy ****! I held until Mulligans!"
8: "If you think I'm should meet our CEO"
9: "My other bank failed..."
10: "I took LSE every day until I turned 50"
11: "Thanks Richie", on the back "Thanks Wilbur!"
12: "Anybody seen Agro's Undies?"
13: "50 shades of gain"
14: "Halfway to a Hundred"
15: "BOI: the only 50 worth celebrating"
16: "The pints are on Richie...."
17: "My little BOI 50, she's rapid and she's nifty"
18: "I think it's time for a poem...."
19: "Sell BIR and buy shares in Noah's Ark, before the deluge..."....Ezekiel 7:19
20: "Renounce thine earthly wares at 50c and ask Wilbur what's next"...Doughnuts 5:1-5
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Fri 02:18
well, our little FKIR doesn't seem to have dropped like a stone to the .24c levels. I wondered why. I think it could be because it defies logic. So, there isn't really much in the way of news (good or bad) coming out or due until next year when the results are out. So, it will probably keep trucking along towards that .32 or .33 level from now until Christmas, then drop like a stone when they release their amazing shock and awe results.
Hopefully after that we can have a period of no news which will help it steadily recover.

I don't think it would be right of me to comment solely on the BKIR share price, as that is basically off topic these days. I don't think the world is such a bad place, however I think that if religion and money took slightly more of a backseat it would probably be a better place though. The little money I've made has been made ethically, the money I will hopefully make from BKIR will be used to spend more time with the family which I don't see as a bad thing.
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Begorrah Radar
Thu 23:16
Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth - an excellent reflection on the poverty of ambition present in some our current mega multi nationals and politicians.

Trading in weapons of destruction especially in the hands of some of our third world neighbours, is beneath contempt usually excused by somebody saying "but if we didn't supply them the Russians would" or the Chinese or the Israeli's who gave us all the Uzzi or the South Africans or the French.

Why do they do it - MONEY - once the bullets start to fly, who has questioned how much they cost along with the other weapons that are traded all over the middle east. We all know this is a wicked trade and what is left afterwards a country like Gaza which has no hope at all of recovery unless they are helped.

Gosh this subject has got my blood pressure rising mostly because like so many others I am powerless to effect it.

I was pleased to note that at least one of our premium contributors has recently "been saved" and now believes that usery is evil - it has been for 2000 years but it still keeps raising its ugly head.

Good luck all....
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Thu 23:01
there are those that see.....there are those that see when they are shown...and there are those whom never see.....leonardo di vincI


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Thu 22:56
Absolutely.... never wanted to overlook or disrespect good folk who do so much for others in many ways. Volunteers for the Ebola fight for instance. Unfortunately those kind don't seek / get into or stay in power.

Some interesting points and perspectives there.....thanks

.....and Allmoyne. I must add that one to my repertoire.
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Thu 22:15
We have now discussed almost everything here, there is not much left to say but there will always be problems, wars, trouble, greed etc. we will not cease to be shocked by the continuous de generation of society, absence of good and presence of greed.

On the other hand there is also a lot of good in the world, more good than there was 100 years ago when people died young because there were no cure for diseases that can easily be cured today. There is an endless stream of good people who risk all to help the needy such as those with Ebola.

In my view the likes of Isis are a kin to the plunderers of old but they have better weapons and the media.

There are still people who give their lives to help the less privileged and there are those who try to right the wrongs of the past.

I do think however that the abuse of children at the hands of the church, state, war and those in power ranks as a serious issue as it destroys innocence, hope and dreams and in later life leaves the abused with no where to turn except to drink to wipe away the pain that's left to fill the vacuum.

How can it be that do many are blind to the plight of the Syrian children ?
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RE: The bigger picture
Thu 22:08
Interesting and thought provoking post.

Im not sure how useful quoting john lennons lyrics is to your argument though. Exceptional song writer but hardly a prophet. aspiring to a better world than the one we live now is nothing new and would be a common theme for many since the beginning of time. Its the promise, hope or dream of a better tomorrow that keeps many going.

What we have now is no different than what has always gone before. There has been and always will be an opposite to every side of the coin. Its just the simple progression of this world. Our time here is no more than a speck of dust in the sands of time . I'm not sure believing in a prophesy makes any difference. What we have now isn't even close to perfect. Its just a tiny step in the progress of the human race. It will change because it always does. The system isn't broken really, it's just shifting again. Not that long ago we as a race believed we would fall of the edge of the world if we sailed east. Now we can land a robot on a moving target a billion miles away. Its just natural progression. That progression may ultimately lead to our own destruction but it will have little to do with john lennon or Ezekiel. Its just life.

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