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RE: Food for thought
18 Aug '14
Lloyds buying back shares from HMG would be my preferred option, even at a slight premium of the bailout price.
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lifes a
18 Aug '14
Why would they?

Would you, if you were them? IF so, why so? To please the shareholders? Certain the CEO and board are really concerned for us.

To use up valuable cash which could be lent out making a fortune for Lloyds and its shareholders?

To save paying a dividend on all the shares it buys back? Well that at best, will only save 5% per year! So it would take Lloyds 20 years just to see their initial money back on any bought shares.

Do think, banks are being forced to hold as much capital as possible. The last thing they will waste money on is buying back shares, as it will increase the price of shares slightly, but they want HMG to sell their shares, and so if the price is higher, it will be more difficult to find buyers.

A good decent yield dividend would encourage the buyers, and raise the share price more imho.

Then, when or IF the stuff hits the fan again, LLoyds can cut, suspend, or stop dividends saving itself money, yet if it has just bought back more shares it is stumped.

Just my opinion, but right as usual
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RE: Food for thought
18 Aug '14
Interesting thought, can't see the PRA being able to block buy backs and the resultant uplift should be as good as a divi
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Food for thought
18 Aug '14
The longer it takes to pay div the more chance see share buy back , lloyds could buy some of HMG shares.
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18 Aug '14
Fear not will be gone in three days, then all can carry on dreaming of a £ party for Christmas, or is it next Christmas now, whatever, a feel good factor, rather than facing reality is what has kept religion so popular for so long.
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RE: Asperger
18 Aug '14
The clue is in the initial line 'my theory is' lol -
& I managed it without insulting the electorate by calling them the 'great unwashed' as you do WL/FB/Vectis/DB or something different next week lol

I see you still recommending your own posts!!!
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Board contaminated again
18 Aug '14
by the presence of wl/vectis, it really does lower the tone. However, as per usual she will no doubt spout some obscenities and get banned, roll on the day.

The sp has again hit that 74p ceiling and is now trading within a very tight range 72-74 which does not leave much scope for even short term profit. It seems immune to news, the geo-political climate and general market moods.

No doubt our day will come but it may be months away.
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18 Aug '14
"Full HMG exit may have sent the message 'the economy is fixed', and that's not conducive to getting re elected,
The Alliance need to create the picture that the job is half finished then the electorate have a clear choice, the Alliance or Conservatives to finish the job or Labour to trash the last 5 years of recovery".

Omg, did you cut and paste this, or did you actually think for yourself.

First intelligent thoughtful post I have seen you make, IF it is your own work.
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Another Reminder
18 Aug '14
WL BS Vectis Femme Blanc Damm something or other lol 41 It’s what she would have wanted LOL
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2014 TYOTH

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18 Aug '14
So no news here till 28 October when interim results are you ?

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