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29 Aug '14
Thankyou, nice read. Positive on the whole with some very interesting comments :)
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #7
29 Aug '14
"According to journalist Arne Müller, it was another company that explored out on the marsh first before Northland. My belief is that you are going to sell, you are trying to increase the value as much as it is on deposit in Kallak., You have been very successful with getting the City Council behind you. a feather in the cap for you. you sell the highest bidder. Was renhårig and say it. Whose have you otherwise seven billion and cough up to start a mine, "said one person in the audience.
"What you say is interesting. The day we have permission, we have funded so far. Did we as a healthy, good projects and good times and good ore prices as the money comes in.'s How it works," said Fred Boman
It's an interesting question, "says Agneta Setterwall.
Fred Boman and Agneta Setterwall everybody talk a little bit about Fred Boman's choice of words in which he said that the question was irrelevant. It heats up a bit in the otherwise slow civil dialogue.

"We have different opinions in this municipality., I have full respect for those who do not think like me. But there is one thing I do not understand when you said Karin, with equal treatment for all. Far as I know, Sweden has signed a number of conventions, which should protect the right of indigenous peoples to practice their culture., it must be taken into account in such decisions, "says Anna Hövenmark, local politicians of the Left.
"We believe that we live up to the conventions we have signed," says Håkan Ekengren.
"It may be that we are quite satisfied now in very many questions, and answers., I do not know if I understand the mood of the room right, it feels like we will round off if no one prevents me from it," said Setterwall.

Governor talks about mining concession located on the county table right now, and round off the event.

Now ending this civil dialogue. Anders Nygård thank the citizens for coming here.

Did anyone take this in? Any comments?
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #6
29 Aug '14
It's pretty quiet in the courtroom.
"I want to ask a question to the CEO of Kallak. Now what?" Asks a person in the audience.
A brief summary: we have spent in the order of 60 million crowns, type drilling, studies, etc. Right now, we completed a drilling campaign in June, we had two machines that drilled around the clock. We pause in drilling, our geologists are in the terrain south of Kallak and make inquiries. And they will go to Nautijaur and Ågåsjiegge "replies Fred Boman.
"We have added to our application for an exploitation concession. It teaches that, by early October," said Fred Boman.
"We scarce about five years away if everything flows from putting the shovel in the ground to start building," said Fred Boman.

In October, then a decision on a mining concession, which the provincial government is being looked at right now. They will then send the opinion to the Mining Inspectorate.

"Jokkmokk is a very large county where we have a lot of protected areas, we have reserves, national parks and Laponia where we are building up an administration. This municipality has an indigenous people, we have several Lapp villages who have their business and employ quite many FTEs in Jokkmokk. and we live in a town where we have given a lot. Hydropower. then took a lot of forest. just go out and look. and now we also have the climate that messed up. then think I like this, if this ends up on the government's table. Taking into any account of this particular, everything that happens., we are a municipality that has been very giving., or treated it as any municipality? "said Karin Vans , local politicians in Sami well here in Jokkmokk.
"I can not comment on individual cases. There is an ongoing legal process. Incumbent government must take into account the law and the lagpraxis offered. It does so, then, we assume that in situations how the law looks like, and then takes the view that the law says we should take., we just deal with no matter what part of Sweden you are in, "says Håkan Ekengren.
"There is nothing in the law that we should discriminate Jokkmokk you for this story," says Håkan Ekengren.
It's true, you hear all the time. We live outside the laws. They have emptied everything that can be emptied in Jokkmokk. And now we continue. The law may well be, but where is the morality? Will be Jimab mining company, Fred Boman? "Asks a person in
"It is clearly the ambition of the company. There are many examples of companies who explored and made ​​inquiries and then become mining companies. Boliden and LKAB's example," said Fred Boman.

"According to journalist Arne Müller, it was another company that explored out on the marsh first before Northland. My belief is that you are going to sell, you are trying to increase the value as much as it is on deposit in Kallak., You have been very successful with
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29 Aug '14
Good update that today. Sit tight and wait for Q4 now. We have the cash to keep us going.

Kallak, thanks for posting that information.

Best wishes Wulfers.
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #5
29 Aug '14
Now it's break.
Now most drinking coffee, taken a sandwich and talked a little. (I wonder if they were reindeer sandwiches?)

Now they are inside on the 10th question How are priorities on various national interests?
"There are a large number of national interests that should be met together. And sometimes it's up to the government. As in Storuman, Rönnbäcken, there were a number of national interests. One can ask this decision which is unusually long., Where we said that the socio-economic interest is overwhelming., we estimate that we can pursue a mining and minerals operations there in harmony with the other industries. in that case, we gave preference to the mining interest, but with the target image to be able to operate a mine there, "says Håkan Ekengren. "All industries are important for Sweden."

The tourism industry is not a national interest, outdoor activities. But the tourism industry, the way of living. How do you take account of the Ministry of Industry? ", Said a person in the audience.
There is an ongoing discussion about the national interest definitions, because the business is changing, "replies Håkan Ekengren.
"You have to combine all interests with each other, sometimes conflicts arise and we have to find good instruments to manage them," said Ekengren.
"Try to find a way to resolve conflicts at the local level," says Håkan Ekengren.
One person in the audience asked how he sees the Jokkmokk not get back very much from the hydropower plant located in the municipality today, or from the national parks that are within the municipality. If Jokkmokk got back more money from everything taken from the municipality would not Jokkmokk are considered in this conflict around Kallak, says the author. Can the return of money to the municipality if a mine is started, the question became. It is the evening's most emotional posts, and get a round of applause by the audience.
"There is a story here, with Vattenfall. There are other parts of Sweden who think they helped a lot, which all fall in the same position., What we can contribute is that if it is established a mine here, it can lead to community can be developed, "said Ekengren.
"Are there plans to change the Minerals Act?" Is the next question.
"In the current situation, there is not., We have done a review and improvements, in the current situation, we want the law to take effect before we make any change to it," he replies.
It was the evening's final question. Now there is time for more questions if someone has the desire.
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #4
29 Aug '14
"I can only be proud broadly at how Sweden handles environmental issues., We put a lot of energy on research. There is a growing Swedish export knowledge. Since we think differently when it comes to picking up the ore and minerals from the soil, we think it is okay, if taken into account the ecological. Whenever we have a control system that works around it, "answers Hakan Ekengren.

One of the audience wondering how the Industry Ministry thinking about letting Jimab go in Natura 2000 sites and make inquiries?
"National Parks are 100 percent protected from surveys, etc., in the case of Natura 2000 areas and sanctuaries, it is possible to go in and look, what's in the ground?" Answers Ekengren.
Sven-Erik Österberg says you have to consider the fact that somewhere be material to all the stuff we need in the community for download.

How heavily weighs the environmental impacts of a permit? "Is the next question.
"We have an exploration permit within which there are areas of the Natura 2000 sites. When we applied for permission so we applied for a large area, one corner is the Natura 2000," said Fred Boman in response to the question of how to allow investigation in protected areas.
"I feel I have complete peace, that he's talking about the test mining. Samples drilling so it is a work that is required. If no protests on it so it goes through," replies Jonas Vans, Sirges Sami village.
"Exemption for snowmobiling terrain and the second is consultation under the Environment Act, which we must apply to the provincial government," said Fred Boman.
There is a detailed discussion Agneta Setterwall says she does not understand.
"We have the world's toughest environmental laws," said Hakan Ekengren When asked how heavy environmental impact weighs on a permit.
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #3
29 Aug '14
"What are the most potent bad health and environmental risks associated with a mining establishment Kallak?"
Mining operations, although it is rarely in itself is environmentally destructive. It can be a risk. More transport, road safety. OSH. A large number of things. This applies to the other types of industrial activity, we will not deny. But the laws we have in Sweden is to create optimal environments. We are working to minimize the negative consequences, "answers Hakan Ekengren.
It's pretty quiet in the hall, not many questions asked.
What impact is expected on organisms? "
"The question I can not answer. But again, to open the mine, so we're working with the world's toughest environmental laws. It is well developed," says Håkan Ekengren.
"It would be wrong of me to say that it gets better water environment at a mine. Keeps it's not," says Håkan Ekengren. He relies on the control process of the startup and operation of a mine.
Fred Boman stands up and gets the microphone. CEO of Jokkmokk Iron Mines. "How is it when it comes Kallak deposit., It is water-based processes, it is surface water, when it rains it makes it ditches so that it takes up all the surface water. Process need to upload from the beginning, but in principle, it will not drain Print., it will not murmur outside the industrial area. All the water goes back into the process, "he says.
"Do you think it has worked well with the harsh environmental law?, I think Blaiken, Aitik. Laver. Nautanen" asks a person in the audience.
"We have a collective environmental debt to our children," says Håkan Ekengren and says that it depends on the old legislation. That not only has to do with mines. Now it's tougher, according Ekengren.
"I had a little comment, for example, in terms of the new mines in Pajala. They have yet to come under Annie Lööf management. Lik damn, the mine a lot of toxic sludge ponds that apply. This now leaking Northlands dust straight into the Torne River," says one person in the audience.
It ran over at one point for a year and a half ago, "replied the governor, Sven-Erik Österberg." However, is the full environmental review of Northland at the Land and Environment Court. Where a point from us is that the size of dust must be larger, in order to avoid herding ", he adds.
"Aitik is a mine in operation and works great. Nevertheless, there is a poison pool that is 45 feet deep, containing all waste products., It is that the mine waste dump. A cocktail of heavy metals. Call this the Alliance for Sustainable Development, Sustainable mining. Delaying of an extreme environmental debt to future generations, who must take care of these tailings dams to avoid a disaster. And you want to have 31 new ones this mining basins by 2030, "said one person in the audience.
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #2
29 Aug '14
Agneta Setterwall has taken over the microphone.
Hakan Ekengren tells the congregation that it is he who has led the government's efforts to develop the mining and minerals strategy.
Today we have 14 Swedish-owned mines, which give to the treasury 10-12 billion in revenue. And the gain mining generates, I want to say this little anticipation, about one and a half percent goes abroad. 98.5 percent goes to the state.
Ekengren talking rapidly and figures should be double-checked, so I apologize in advance if I happen to perceive the wrong number so here in the high pace.
Agneta Setterwall reads out the 13 questions.
"I ask everyone to listen up. Listen carefully to what is said. Was pithy in what you say themselves., We will need to use your time efficiently," says Agneta Setterwall.
Technical problems. Hope to be on the court again soon.

First question is on.
The first question was whether the government would be willing to bet money on building out infrastructure. The answer to that question is that the closer to the mine becomes a reality, the more interested in becoming the state to contribute money. "We do not start developing the infrastructure before we know that the mine becomes a reality."
"Whether I or municipality knows about this mine becomes a reality, but it is important that we plan for it," says Håkan Ekengren.
"What would happen if the government invested money in other industries than mining? Why not put the money somewhere else?" - Ask a person in the audience.
Hakan Ekengren talking about different bags of money, no real answer to that question was no. Agneta Setterwall choose to proceed.

"Are there plans for improved transport links to Norrbotten inland?"
"Yes, there are the" answers Hakan Ekengren and mention big plans for the whole of Sweden, which includes a certain amount of money to be added to the Inland Railway.
"When Sweden the goals for koldixiodutsläpp if you let up new mines?" Is an issue.
You can combine economic growth with achieving goals to become better environment. A condition for achieving environmental goals is that we have a growth in the country. And to get the growth you have to have, for example mines, "answers Hakan Ekengren.
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RE: Public dialogue on Kallak #1
29 Aug '14
Here is the google translate from ‘Kallaks’ post on the public dialogue about Kallak.
It’s not edited so make your own mind up, thats if you can be bothered to read it!
My thoughts are very favourable regarding the eventual outcome we are all seeking.

Main points -
Current mine revenue 1.5% goes abroad 98.5% to the state.
Money for infrastructure will be available in the mine becomes a reality.
Current plans to ongoing improve the inland railway and the whole of Sweden.
Sweden has the world's toughest environmental laws so any risk from a mine will be well managed.
I think Jonas Vans, Sirges Sami indicated that it was OK to protest??
National interest issues ‘the tourist industry is NOT a national interest.
Concerns about how much Jokkmokk will get back from a working mine.
No plans to change the current Minerals Act.
JIMAB have added to our application for an exploitation concession??
JIMAB have been successful with getting the City Council behind it. Will it be sold??
Sweden abides with the conventions regarding indigenous people that they have signed up to.

Hello and welcome to this direct reporting from the civic dialogue about the planned mine Kallak.
Civil dialogue starts at 18.00 on the People's House in Jokkmokk, just like the previous three citizen dialogues held. Starring tonight include Hakan Ekengren from the Industry Ministry and the Governor Sven-Erik Österberg
The police are here, on the occasion of the Department of Commerce's top official will be on hand. (Photo)
It is difficult to say how many people might show up tonight, because it's quite a long time since the last civil dialogue. But the people start coming now. Around 30 people are in place.
As before, Agneta Setterwall calls moderator. She says that tonight's meeting is to answer 13 questions left over after the previous meetings. Questions directed to the state.
Anders Nygård will kick off the meeting now.

"We're talking mining issues and the effects of a possible mining establishment Kallak" said Anders Nygård.
"Last winter, we conducted three citizen dialogues on the same theme. Basis aim then was actually trying to get back to a point where we would not threaten and offend each other."
"We had in the three citizenship last November and December, a number of issues raised and discussed in this Assembly. Many of you were here., We got answers to many questions. But there were some questions that were not answered," said Anders Nygård .
Anders Nygård explains how they sent an invitation to, among others, Annie Loof, Industry Minister, to answer any questions. But she replied that she could not come. Instead, therefore, Hakan Ekengren, who is her closest official.
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29 Aug '14
Not sure that was a direct translation from Freds comments last night, sounds like start of build to me? Realistically BEM will be long sold by then I would imagine. (I think we've done that one to death!)
re sp, that's the big question, like ed said the other day, really good volume yet the sp is suppressed, pending the additional shares coming to market?

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